Angel Wings: Poet Beams Verses from New Book to Mars, Reminding Humanity of the Power of Angels

Written from the heart of Ronald Chapman, ‘Angel Wings’ fuses themes of love, hope and friendship that were all inspired by the author’s Guardian Angel and his life-changing experiences from his vivid dreams of South Korea. But Chapman isn’t sharing his words of wisdom only on Earth; one of his poems was recently beamed to the surface of Mars in collaboration with the ‘Beam Me To Mars’ project.

Elysburg, PA – Ronald Chapman has led an interesting, diverse and ultimately successful life. However, he doesn’t credit himself with all he has achieved, instead putting all of his experiences and accomplishments down to his Guardian Angel and friend – Evelyne Cojocar. In a unique and compelling new literary project, Chapman has brought together inspiration from Cojocar, his dreams of Angels and his dreams of South Korea into ‘Angel Wings’ – a volume of powerful and thought-provoking poetry.

Chapman’s passion for sharing the power of Angels has taken his work beyond the reaches of Earth and quite literally onto the surface of Mars.


Have you had the opportunity to meet and be inspired by your guardian Angles? I would like to present thirty-four of my favorite poems of love and friendship that were inspired by guardian Angels that I had the privilege to meet in my life.

“My interactions with Angels have filled me to the brim with love, hope and friendship that I am committed to sharing with all of humanity,” explains Chapman. “I wrote this volume to remind people that there are Angels around us. I’ve dedicated it to a real-life angel, Evelyne Cojocar – who saves and changes the lives of children every day. When you save the lives of children. You change the world.”

Continuing, “I recently took it one step further by having one of the book’s poems, “Rising Star”, sent to the surface of Mars as part of the ‘Beam Me To Mars’ project. My poem, along with 88,000 other short pieces of writing, were beamed by radio to the surface of the red planet in November of 2014 – making me an official Mission Commander participant!”

With the author’s work transcending any single genre and applying to a myriad of life’s situations and challenges, this latest volume contains something truly life-changing for everyone.

‘Angel Wings’ is available now:

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Sample Poem:

White skies over Galleria Mall Arad Romania again,
Angel Evelyne arrives, singing about
love, looking beautiful and amazing things

Among the young stars
laughing near silence
where children await

Now blue stars fade
into happy beginnings
then love for children once more.

About the Author:

Ron Chapman, wants to live in a world where anyplace can be reached in just hours. Where everyone would rather party than fight. Where an Angel named Evelyne sings her loving songs to help people be happy.

His first book Dreams was released in November 2013.

He found Korea on an early June morning in 2012. The only things he knew about Korea before this was leaned from the old TV show and movie MASH.

Ron is addicted to everything Korean.

This blonde haired blue eyed guy from Pa. Who was Korean in a past life.

Contact: Ronald Chapman / 15704868050 /