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Chicago Politics: Old Games in New Clothing

Posted by Admin On December - 16 - 2014

By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

President of Probation Challenge

CHICAGO, IL –  Born and reared in a politically astute home where most outstanding political figures would visit and sat their feet at my parents’ table, it was at those dinners where I sat silently… but I learned much!

I learned that a body of select black ward aldermen was resentful as to community matters that were mandated to them by the then sitting mayor. They (aldermen) knew in clear conscious if they refused to comply with a letter of mayor’s request, many of their office patronage positions would be taken away in a mere telephone call. Aldermen at that time were differently acquainted with the Fifth Floor agenda and the known history of its political wrath.

Strong black leaders were spiritually weakened by many outrageous requests from the Mayor’s Office and knew it to be a matter of political prostitution to lay heavy burdens on their city employee. They, without question, knew many of the downtown requests were grievous to bear – and not asked of many leaders in white wards.  However, those particular aldermen said for the sake of the people they would pass the political demands on to their ward workers. They knew, however, that in not doing so, it would later cost them favors that could be passed on by way of crumbs to the community. Though there was no great love by many black aldermen, they didn’t want to feel the heat of disrespecting the Mayor’s Office.

2013: With an estimated black population count of 2, 718, 782, it’s rather difficult to understand why there is difficulty in Blacks or Hispanics achieving any office, of course without the cheating or robbing of votes.  Fear crept into the minority camps by the enemy and had many to believe that ice water is different on certain sides of the city… and especially to believe that their votes are meaningless.

2014: It is important to remember that Chicago aldermen are voted into office by their constituents, however by-and-large… a large majority of aldermen feared the unwritten wrath of the governing mayor.  By reason of present conditions … the question remains, is that powerful hidden hand still there?

I also learned in precious times around that dinner table that blacks in charge were instructed by the Mayor’s Office to carry out (those orders) without a word of criticism. These orders often cost the black community jobs, educational opportunities, recreational facilities, school programs, and much more that was deemed off the record!  Most times the will of the then sitting mayor was not in favor of the black community in any fashion.  Black aldermen were obligated to deliver a designated amount of votes per ward and failure to produce a winning victory would simply indicate that their particular constituent (s) would not have a job the following day!  I’m speaking of humble hard workers with family responsibilities, having meager jobs with low-paying wages were obligated to produce through the alderman—or else! Blacks suffered the blunt of caring out the wishes of city government and were also instructed to pay a portion of their salary back to their ward office for the privilege of having a job.

I applauded those historic black aldermen: Ralph Metcalfe, Harold Washington, John Stroger, Sr., and others who had a fearless determination to break ranks with the masterful monsters that ruled. These great men and women with vigor began to educate the community as to far better ways of governing. However, breaking away cost some aldermen greatly in servicing the public! We note that it was their love for the people that only was derived from God.  Others, as of now, continue to serve as house persons—giving their allegiance to the mayor and others—but not to the voters they pledged to serve. Holding to past slave behavior appears to be what is happening in this 21st Century and directly from Chicago City Hall.

What I saw as a child, I resented it to the point of declaring to bring about a difference via truth… and in the path that God said would and should be.  And in doing so, I’ve been treated rather unfairly, but I believe that truth will prevail… I slept well at night!

In 2014, I am discovering that old games are being played in new clothing…. In other words… the game is still the same… only the players have changed.

Warning: Those who presently seek a mayor or alderman political seat for the love of money and power know that the love of the two will only last for but a season!  It would be a remarkable gesture to elect officials who were fully committed to the public with an unadulterated love filled with the righteousness of God.

God’s people in elected positions should know that God anoints people for His purpose. Be assured that it is not about the money that some candidates have in their coffers… it is not about popularity, it is and should be about serving the needs of God’s people.

How people in the biblical days selected leaders: Leaders were chosen from amongst the people, but they had to be known as men who were wise and full of the Holy Spirit. Important work, as it should be today, was turned over to the chosen righteous believers. You may ask if we are living in a different time, well yes, but the precepts of God never change—we do!

Unequally, nothing passes the eye of God! And, knowing that God looks out after His word to make sure that it will not return back unto Him void! Electing a person who can acknowledge and obey the precepts of God’s righteousness… then the public can rest in knowing that God being faithful to His word… will provide through his assigned person. Thusly, all of our needs will be in accord with the will of the almighty God.

It becomes wise to seek and elect a God fearing person who trembles at the word of God and hungers for righteousness—for not only the candidate, but the voters will be fed!

The voter, man or woman, ought to listen to that spiritually soft voice that dictates our daily path … for that voice will not allow an error in the path of righteousness. Why? Because true baptized believers steps are ordered only by the Lord. Allow God to lead and direct our steps all the way to the Chicago polls! In adopting the ways of God in our lives, crime, drugs and violence can and will be deterred, for Satan then has not power!

Without a shadow of doubt, it is not harmful to look beyond the human-flesh for they all have human flaws. And, these weaknesses may never reach the eye. However, with a spiritual view of candidates, you just may be permitted to enter into the spiritual ream for discernment!

A very large majority of taxpayers believe that crime is orchestrated and permitted for the sake of revenue to enhance courts, jails, prisons but not education, which would alleviate the entire problem! It’s important that we hear beyond the ‘colorful political deceptions’ that have flowed over the lips of numerous candidates—and think out of the box they have created for us! Think and pray through this crucial selection of a candidate matter, then while in route to the polls to vote—take the Lord along with you!

Contact: Rev. Harold E. Bailey, president of Probation Challenge at 773.978.3706.

WWW.ProbationChallenge.org—The PCC Truth Network

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