Illinois State Board of Education Announces Board Meeting for Dec. 17 in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Illinois State Board of Education will convene for its final regular business meeting of the calendar year on Dec. 17 at the ISBE offices in Springfield.

The State Board of Education meeting will be accessible to persons with disabilities. Persons planning to attend who need special accommodations should contact the Board office no later than the date prior to the meeting. Contact the Superintendent’s office at the State Board of Education, Phone: 217-782-2221; TTY/TDD: 217-782-1900; Fax: 217-785-3972.

Chairman Chico may call for a break in the meeting as necessary in order for the Board to go into closed session.

State Board of Education Meeting

Dec. 17, 2014

Location: Illinois State Board of Education, 100 North First Street, Springfield.

This meeting will also be audio cast on the Internet at:

December 17, 2014

9 a.m.

I. Roll Call/Pledge of Allegiance

A.    Consideration of and Possible Actions on Any Requests for Participation in Meeting by Other Means

II. P-20 Council Liaison Report

III. Resolutions & Recognition

A. Recognition of Outgoing Board Members

1. Dr. Andrea Brown

2. Dr. Vinni Hall

3. Dr. David Fields

B.  Dr. Nandi Retirement Resolution

C.  Illinois Teacher of the Year, Steve Elza

IV. Public Participation

V. Presentations & Updates

A. Presentation on low income/high performing schools

1. Fairmont School District 89

2. North Palos School District 117

3. Skokie School District 68

B. FY16 Budget Development

1. FY16 Revenue Projections: Jim Muschinske and Dan Long, COGFA


2. FY16 Budget Development: Robert Wolfe, CFO

3. FY16 Budget Proposals for East St. Louis District 189 & North Chicago District 187

Superintendent’s Report – Consent Agenda

A. *Approval of Minutes

1. Plenary Minutes: October 15, 2014

2. Plenary Minutes: December 2, 2014

B. *Rules for Initial Review

1. Part 25 (Educator Licensure) Addresses changes necessitated by recently enacted legislation (P.A. 98-751,  P.A. 98-872 and P.A. 98-917) concerning requirements for the educator license with stipulations endorsed for career and technical educator, the superintendent’s endorsement and the principal endorsement, respectively.

2. Part 33 (Programs for the Preparation of Superintendents in Illinois) makes a technical correction in Section 33.70 to correct a reference to “principal” preparation program.

3. Part 235 (Early Childhood Block Grant Program) Incorporates requirements specific to the ExceleRate Illinois quality rating and improvement system and proposes standards for programs serving children from birth to age 3.

4. Part 252 (Driver Education) Makes a technical change to update a web address in Section 252.20(e).

C. *Rules for Adoption

1. Part 1 (Public Schools Evaluation, Recognition and Supervision) Responds to P.A. 98-506, effective August 27, 2013, which establishes the criteria for the receipt of the State Seal of Biliteracy, an optional designation that school districts may choose to award to students who demonstrate proficiency in both a foreign language and English.  Two entities submitted public comment, and changes are being recommended in response to the comments received.

2. Part 26 (Standards for Endorsements in Early Childhood Education and in Elementary Education) Proposes new standards that articulate the knowledge and skills in several areas, including English language arts and mathematics, needed for receipt of the early childhood endorsement and to which educator preparation programs and content-area tests must align. Eleven individuals submitted public comment, and one change is being recommended in response to the comments received.

3. Part 375 (Student Records) A technical change is being made to remind school districts to designate on a student’s academic transcript, which is part of the student’s permanent record, his or her receipt of the State Seal of Biliteracy or the State Commendation Toward Biliteracy. No public comment was received.

4. Part 425 (Voluntary Registration and Recognition of Nonpublic Schools) Places in rules the requirement for nonpublic schools to submit proof of non-profit status when registering with the State Board; clarifies that only nonpublic schools supported wholly or in part by public funds shall be required to have students recite the Pledge of Allegiance; amends requirements for school employees to show freedom from tuberculosis to conform to changes in the rules for tuberculosis control (Illinois Department of Public Health); and adds the requirement for recognized nonpublic schools to hold an annual meeting for review of their emergency and crisis response plans, to conform the rules to changes in the School Safety Drill Act [105 ILCS 128].  Two individuals submitted public comment, and changes are being recommended in response to the comment received.

D. *Contracts & Grants Over $1 Million

1. Educator Licensure Award (Pearson)

E. *Draft Annual Report

F. *Resolution to Terminate the ISBE 403(b) Plan

End of Consent Agenda

G. Low Income State Advanced Placement Grant

H. edTPA: Recommended Cut Score

VII. Discussion Items

A. Legislative Update

B. Other Items for Discussion

VIII.   Announcements & Reports

A. Superintendent’s/Senior Staff Announcements

B. Chairman’s Report

C. Member Reports

IX. Information Items

A.  ISBE Fiscal & Administrative Monthly Reports (available online at

X.   Closed Session

XI.   Adjourn