What Does Spiritual Prostitution Profit a Man or Woman?

By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

President, Probation Challenge

The Holy Scriptures State: “For what does it profit a man or woman to gain the whole world and lose his soul?”… “What would a man or woman give in exchange for his soul?”

I’ve recently sat in a very lonely and hurtful place as I watched some known ministerial persons, who sit in the  utmost seats, settle for not even 30 pieces of silver for acts of spiritual prostitution, but in doing so, did not render unto Caesar (the world of politics) that which was his… and unto God, that which was His!

I honestly don’t feel the need to get into the depth of what took place in this Chicago political arena, but it has caused the hearts of the True-Baptized-Believers in Christ to bleed as many now ponder their own beliefs.

Those who have committed an act of spiritual distrust have only to carefully read the scriptures for the disposition, which is set-forth by God for those betrayers. It clearly says that after Judas betrayed Christ and took the blood money, it then dawned on him what he had done… Judas, then filled with guilt, went out and hung himself!

You cannot toy with God or his trusted servants. It is wise to render unto Caesar that which is his—and unto God that which is His. Know that—God is not the author of confusion.