NAACP Response to Nomination of Loretta Lynch as U.S. Attorney General

BALTIMORE, Md. – President Obama nominated U. S Attorney for the Eastern District of New York Loretta E. Lynch, to be the next Attorney General of the United States.

From Cornell William Brooks, NAACP President and CEO:
“The NAACP commends President Obama for nominating Loretta E. Lynch to serve as the next Attorney General of the United States. Her nomination couldn’t have come at a more critical time in our nation’s history. As an attorney with extraordinary depth, breath and length of service in both the public and private sector, Ms. Lynch is uniquely qualified to lead the Department of Justice.  From her exemplary service with U.S.  Attorneys Office of Eastern District of New York to her experience prosecuting the Abner Louima case, Ms. Lynch is an excellent choice to succeed Attorney General Eric Holder in his groundbreaking work for the American people. We appreciate both her exceptional experience and her demonstrated commitment to the civil rights protection for all Americans. We look forward to working with Ms. Lynch to ensure that our nation’s voting rights laws, employment protection laws and anti-housing discrimination laws are strictly and fairly enforced.”