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Roche pharmaceuticals has put a value on the lives of cancer sufferers like my niece — $117,600. This cost is so high that even many insured patients can never get the drug!
Please sign the petition today! Roche: Stop Denying Treatment to Breast Cancer Sufferers!

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Shortly after my niece died, her five-year-old son told me that all he wanted for Christmas was, “Just one thing, Auntie Margaret: Five minutes with my mummy.”

It broke my heart — his wonderful mummy Helen had suffered an awful death from late-diagnosed breast cancer. At that time there were not many drugs that could have helped her. Now there is a new drug that could help people like my niece live longer, but manufacturer Roche is putting profits first, refusing to make the medicine affordable for most of those patients – and for the most horrible reason!

When asked why the drug was so expensive, Roche’s head of pricing callously said it reflects the value of the drug to the consumer. That almost sounds like Roche is saying life has a price, and if you can’t pay the price, you don’t deserve the product!

I started a Care2 petition demanding that Roche’s CEO reduce the cost of this drug and stop leaving cancer sufferers to die. Will you sign it?

I know exactly what it’s like to rely on necessary treatment for a life-threatening illness. Four and a half years ago, I was also diagnosed with breast cancer. I was lucky – my cancer was caught early, and I had access to a drug that cost just pennies and saved my life.

But thousands of women like my niece are diagnosed with aggressive, advanced-stage cancer. And instead of helping these people in need, Roche is putting profit first and asking $117,600 per year for the treatment. This price makes it far out of reach for many of the people who need it.

Roche made nearly $12 billion in profits last year. It’s unconscionable that this company would play with peoples’ lives like this to pad those profits even more.

Please join me to call on Roche to reduce the price of KADCYLA to a level that will make it available to people in need. Every corporation hates bad publicity — if 10,000 more of us sign the petition, Roche will have to take notice!


Thank you for taking action,

Margaret Connolly
Care2 Member