Hawkeye Plainview Productions and Oracle B*Sides present Super-Wellesian By Rory Jobst and Directed by Christopher Marcum

Part of the Chicago Fringe Festival

Three Performances Only: September 4 @ 10.p.m., September 6 @ 7 p.m., September 7 @ 8:30 p.m.

CHICAGO, IL – After a successful run of Samuel Beckett, Andre The Giant, and The Crickets, Hawkeye Plainview Productions reteams with multiple Jeff Award winning Oracle Productions’ B*Sides program with Super-Wellesian at this year’s Chicago Fringe Festival at the Early and Often Stage, 4751 N. Milwaukee for only three performances September 4 @ 10pm, September 6 @ 7pm, and September 7 @ 8:30pm .  Directed by  Christopher Marcum, who also stars as Orson Welles, the full original cast also includes David Coupe as Superman, Natalie DiCristofano as Lois Lane, Linsey Falls as original Superman announcer Jackson Beck,  and Kevin Crispin as Martian actor Clark Marble. Tickets for Super-Wellesian are free at the door with a suggested donation and a one time purchase of a $5 Chicago Fringe button. Tickets purchases in advance for $10

Thoughtful and hilarious, Super-Wellesian is a pseudo-sequel to the story “Black Magic on Mars” appearing the DC comic book Superman #62, where the Man of Steel himself teams up with legendary actor and filmmaker Orson Welles to save the world from Fascist Martians. In this play, Welles and Superman reunite to record a radio dramatization of their intergalactic adventure. However, Mr. Welles discovers that Superman’s real kryptonite may be naturalistic line deliveries.

The production team for Super-Wellesian includes: Rush Marler (scenic design), Chrystle Mormon and Natalie DiCristofano (costume design), Keith Gatchel (sound design), Kirk Jackson (assistant director/stage manager), Zack Meyer (fight choreographer), and James Errico (poster design).

Title: Super-Wellesian

Playwright: Oracle Company Member Rory Jobst

Director:                    Christopher Marcum

Featuring:                 Christopher Marcum (Orson Welles), David Coupe (Superman),  Natalie DiCristofano (Lois Lane), Kevin Crispin (Clark Marble), and Linsey Falls (Jackson Beck).

Location:                   “Early and Often Space”, 4751 N. Milwaukee., Chicago

Dates: Sept. 4 @ 10pm, Sept. 6 @ 7pm, and Sept. 7 @ 8:30pm

Tickets:                      FREE at the Door; $5 one time Fringe Festival Button

Tickets available at chicagofringe.org

Oracle B*Sides is an arts service initiative devoted to giving artists the opportunity to produce their work in Public Access Theatre. Groups of artists submit project proposals for consideration. Once accepted, Oracle provides space, production and fundraising mentorship, and technical resources at no cost to the visiting artists – on one condition: the piece is offered to the community for free through Public Access Theatre.

Hawkeye Plainview is a budding theater company devoted to dramatic explorations and mash ups of pre-existing characters, real or imaginary. “Hawkeye” refers to the lead character of THE LAST OF MOHICANS while “Plainview” refers to the surname of the explosive lead of THERE WILL BE BLOOD; both starring Daniel-Day Lewis. The name itself implies a sort of mash up of contradictory yet somehow linked characters. Other pre-existing characters that met up on the Hawkeye Plainview stage include: an Okapi and a Sasquatch; Samuel Beckett and Andre the Giant; Orson Welles and Superman.