It Takes a Village to Raise a Business with Soul…

A business without a ‘soul’ can’t survive the test of time in today’s economy. It will cease to exist even quicker than it came into being.

CHICAGO, IL – How do we put a stop to the ‘death’ of a company, and breathe new life into it? Besides having an Emergency Medical Team (EMT) available for resuscitation, a long-term care specialist will have to be an integral part of the life span moving forward, says SBND Rebirth Advisory Council.
SSN Small Business & Nonprofit Development Group (SBND) is that long-term care specialist, with a new approach that offers capacity building services for community enterprises and individual entrepreneurs.

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On Monday, August 18, 2014, SBND will introduce its “rebirth” advisory council team of specialists at their SBND “Rebirth” VIP Reception.

The team has the expertise needed to help raise a business into a productive, healthy concern with soul power needed to endure twists and turns of any economy…
SBND reports that the most defining difference in their team approach is to place the ‘mind and spirit’ components as the foundation or core of re-educating the entrepreneur into greatness and sustained success.
SBND believes that unless the ‘mind’ is cultivated, the body of a community enterprise cannot reach ‘maturity.’  Without a cultivated soul or mind, the enterprise will not be able to stand the test of time and never reproduce any seeds of life to carry forth its mission.
SBND “Rebirth” VIP Reception on Monday, August 18, 2014
On Monday, August 18, 2014, SBND will present its core team of change agents who will give Chicago a taste of what the re-birth of SBND really represents.

Time: 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

4655 S. King Drive, Suite 203, Chicago, IL 60653 (National Black Wall Street Chicago headquarters)

Registration: Attendance at the event is FREE to SBND Sponsors, Partners and Associates who are registered as active members of the support network.  Also business students and U.S. Veteran business owners can attend at no charge.

Space is limited!  Everyone must register and RSVP to attend!!!

To register or RSVP to attend the event, email, phone (773) 614-7619 or visit the SBND “Rebirth” VIP Reception event page at

More About SBND Rebirth
SBND Event Network Logo SSN Small Business & Nonprofit Development Group (SBND) is a 501c3 Tax Exempt “self-help” support network.  It provides hands-on strategic organization planning, innovation improvement and fund development initiatives to start and grow prosperous community enterprises in Illinois, Cook County and Chicago neighborhoods.
Through research and practice, SBND’s Rebirth Advisory Council learned that entrepreneurs must be deprogrammed, re-educated, cultivated, and supported strategically. With these ingredients, an individual entrepreneur or community enterprise can sustain the ups and downs of economic trends and pass the business down to its heirs. With such a process, the entrepreneur can create sustainable wealth within the community.
SBND coins the term, ‘[W]holistic W[h]ealth’, to describe the fusion of re-training the mind first, then adding the components of business management and administration. SBND’s approach to community enterprise development is designed to create ‘wealth preservation’, both for the individual business and the community; a fresh approach that shows a lot of promise.

To learn more about SBND visit their website at, phone (773) 614-7619 or email