Tell the NSA to Remove Racial Slurs From Training Materials!

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A recent report reveals that the National Security Agency (NSA) is using racial slurs like “Mohammed Raghead” in its training materials. This is extremely inappropriate!
Please sign the petition today! Tell the NSA to Remove Racial Slurs From Training Materials!

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Supposedly, the NSA does not spy on Americans unless a secret court determines that they are involved in illegal foreign-terrorist activities. Representatives claim that when the NSA does “incidentally” spy on Americans, it tries to “minimize the harm done.” Yet according to new documents, the agency covertly monitored the emails of dozens of prominent Muslim-Americans.

And the clear evidence of racism doesn’t stop there. In training documents, one such surveillance target is given a fake name based the slur “Mohammed Raghead.”

Tell the NSA to make a public apology and remove all bigotry from training materials immediately.

Many of the people targeted by the NSA are upstanding members of their communities. Some served in the armed forces; others work for the government; still others teach young students at public universities. Yet likely because of their religious affiliation, their intimate emails — pictures of babies, reminders to call Grandma, links to friends — have been pored over by strangers.

This is discrimination, plain and simple, and it’s disgusting that our government is continuing to propagate it. The NSA has been ordered to “review” its training materials, but that just isn’t enough. Tell the NSA to officially apologize and take concrete action to end the bigotry.

Thank you for taking action,

Kathleen J.
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