Denounce John Boehner’s Baseless Lawsuit Against President Obama – Sign The Petition

John Boehner’s lawsuit against President Obama is baseless — and a complete waste of OUR tax dollars. But Republican leaders are claiming they already have 1OO,OOO signatures backing Boehner’s lawsuit, so we need to fight back. We’ve set an ambitious goal of 2OO,OOO people denouncing Boehner’s plan to use our tax dollars to sue the President.

Will you sign our petition demanding Boehner drop his baseless lawsuit against President Obama?


First, he allows the Tea Party to shut down the government. Now, Boehner is suing the President for simply trying to do his job and get things done for the American people.

And he wants to use YOUR tax dollars to do it!

We want to get 2OO,OOO signatures on our petition telling Boehner we do NOT want him using our tax dollars to pay for his frivolous lawsuit against President Obama.

Sign our petition to show Boehner that you won’t let your tax dollars be spent to fund his crusade.


Democratic Headquarters