Chicago has a Cancerous Headache, and When the Head is Sick the Body Ails! Radical Surgery is Recommended

By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

Founder & President, Probation Challenge and The PCC Broadcast Network

CHICAGO, IL -  The very thought of giving our children over to the diabolicalness of Satan, is saying to the Creator-of- life, that He made a crucial error in His gift-of-life unto us! Many seek to alter the Lord’s decision on our lives and thusly seek to rectify it!

Because of mistakes in the life of a child, which often causes public embarrassment, we tend to release him or her over into the hands of Satan…who is the tormentor, and in doing so we also release them into the hands of the jail and prison systems. Have you not heard… our jail and prison systems are spiritually known as The Waiting Rooms to Hell? In releasing our children to Satan, we must reflect back that God didn’t throw-up His hands on us? Remember: Leaching in the wings for youth, are demons who will take over and process the lives of our youth! Spiritually, we cannot allow this concerted take over to happen in our lives, nor to that of our children.

Those demonic forces who are going through the earth seeking to devour our youth only to make merchandise of them, and of course for filthy money… believe it or not are persons who the public has trusted and have voted for! These are they that are sitting in high places of authority, caring not as to the wellness of our community, but are master planners who are placed into positions of power only to rob, steal, kill and will destroy.

I have earnestly laid before the Lord regarding our youth, and especially those blinded youth who are ignorantly in gangs, and following the stupid dictates of yet another blinded gang-banger who is considered to be the chief. The scripture considers this ignorant behavior to be… as the blind leading the blind, where they both fall into the ditch. Many of those ditches are our Jails and Prisons.

It’s important to say, that I have seriously agonized over the daily orchestrated murders who many sources believe to be permitted. Even decent law-abiding politicians have said in privacy, that it appears that some crime is allowed as long as it mainly touches the lives of Blacks followed by Hispanics. These heartless killings without any announcements, have broken into the daily lives of hundreds of families, leaving them only to ponder and wonder the what and whys. Flowers, cards, and the best words of comfort will only help to a minus degree. All said and done won’t alleviate the pain that can’t be diminished… only but by God!

As a matter of fact, and without doubt, blatant murders, drugs and all manners of violence, are by large perpetrated primarily in African-American and Hispanic communities. We hasten to say that little outcry has been noted from some of  Chicago Black aldermen, who apparently echo Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s sentiments. Their silence speaks volume, and by being mute, speaks as to the lack of diligent work for ‘workable’ solutions. The question comes to mind; How long will Chicago continue to dismiss acts of violence as a happenstance rather than a good dose of reality!

Devious actions and fiery darts are executed daily while persons are  trusting, praying and sitting on comfortable seats on Sunday mornings, shouting and declaring that they are on their way to heaven. The spiritual fact is, we can’t get to heaven just any-way nor anyhow! We are charged with a spiritual duty. When we have that truth coupled with biblical knowledge, and thusly allowing our youth permission to Go to hell – what are we then saying? We have to admit we are in a fight, yes a spiritual warfare with Satan for our lives and the lives of our children and their children. God promised that when obeying His directions and spiritual orders in battle… we would have victory!

God, the lover of our souls, commanded that we obey His loving principles! Christ has gift us with a wonderful living manual called the Bible, with instructions as to how we should live and rear our children. If we wish to have life and have it more abundantly, we must allow God to lead and direct us in each quarter of our life. God gave us precious promises that we wouldn’t fail, especially when we obeyed His handbook, respectfully called: The Holy Bible!

Loving hearts, are we waiting for a bullet to invade the life of a family member to become sensitive to the treat of immediate danger? Our lives should be weighed in the balance with the question … will the next bullet have my name on it? These questions should be considered before they actually happen. Maybe then we will get off the seat of doing nothing – to fight a good fight against the enemy who desires to destroy! Go and get back the children that which was stolen from us… This was not a request of God, but the Lord command that we do so, and do so in faith believing that it can be done.

Solution: I was taught as a youth: When the head of the body is sick, the entire body ails. The city of Chicago is sin-sick and rampant with crime, drugs and violence! This being an actuality, wouldn’t it be prudent to remove the Chicago Cancerous Headache with radical Surgery. There is a solution, we should call upon the Chief Master Surgeon: The Lord Strong and Mighty.

Rev. Harold E. Bailey, founder and president of Probation Challenge and The PCC Broadcast Network: – The Truth Network.