Unbalanced and Unconstitutional Budget Approved by Legislature


Illinois State Representative and candidate for Illinois State Treasurer Tom Cross today released the following statement regarding the legislature’s approval of an unbalanced state budget.

“The budget approved today only exacerbates Illinois’ worsening fiscal condition.  By over-spending and over-borrowing, Springfield politicians are placing more debt on Illinois families to pay for an unbalanced budget.  Let’s be clear, Illinois’ budget violates state law.  It is hundreds of millions of dollars out of balance.  And it ensures Illinois will remain with one of the nations’ worst budget deficits that will only deteriorate further over time and result in more massive and job-killing tax increases.  Now, more than ever, we need an honestly balanced budget and if I am fortunate to be elected State Treasurer, I will go to court and challenge the legality of this budget which clearly violates Illinois’ Constitution.”