Occupy Chicago Appeal Oral Arguments Charge Free Speech Violations, Challenge Constitutionality of City Curfew

CHICAGO, IL – The oral argument for the Occupy Chicago appeal will be May 13, 2014 at 10:30a.m. in the Appellate Courtroom, First District of Illinois, at 160 N. LaSalle, Chicago, IL.

The case, City of Chicago v. Alexander, Tieg, etc. 1-12-2858 is in appellate court after a judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County ruled in favor of Occupy Chicago. The case dates back to October of 2011, when approximately 300 activists associated with Occupy Chicago were arrested on two consecutive Saturdays for violating a City Municipal Ordinance mandating a curfew in all City parks.

Attorneys from People’s Law Office (PLO), along with other attorneys from the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) represented those arrested. Nearly 100 of the arrestees opted to challenge their arrests and the PLO and NLG attorneys drafted and filed a Motion to Dismiss the charges based on the First Amendment. We argued that the Municipal Ordinance violated the Free Speech of those arrested. We were ultimately successful and a judge found that the ordinance was unconstitutional on its face and as applied to the activists who were defendants.


Free Speech and the Criminalization of Occupy

Occupy Chicago Appeal will Review City Ordinance’s Limits on Free Speech

Documents from Occupy Chicago Appeal

City of Chicago’s Appeal Brief – May 8, 2013

Occupy Chicago Response Brief – September 30, 2013

City of Chicago’s Reply Brief – December 12, 2013

Documents from Trial Level Court

Decision Ruling in Favor of Occupy Chicago – September 27, 2012

Occupy Chicago Reply to City – February 10, 2012

Original Occupy Chicago Motion to Dismiss – November 4, 2011