The House Theatre of Chicago Announces 13th Season of Original Plays including Epic Trilogy in Repertory for Spring 2015

The 2014-15 Season opens with brand new SEASON ON THE LINE, a meta-theatrical adaptation of Moby-Dick, and concludes with ambitious repertory and marathon performances of THE HAMMER TRINITY, the epic three-play trilogy of The Iron Stag King, The Crownless King and the brand new conclusion The Excelsior King

â–ª The Magic Parlour continues open run at the historic Palmer House Hilton
â–ª The Nutcracker returns for its fifth magical year
â–ª Miami partnership continues with spring 2015 production of The Magnificents

Chicago, IL — The House Theatre of Chicago announces its 13th Season creating Amazing Feats of Storytelling. The four programs in the 2014-15 Season are all created by Company Members of The House, investing in the rich and diverse talents of the ensemble.
This year marks a season of great ambition in both story and stagecraft. Building on the incredible momentum of the previous two years, The House is taking a bold step to reach a new scale of artistic production. All the work in this season has benefitted from funded development structures, allowing the artists to more fully realize their artistic vision. The ambition of the projects, and attention they’re receiving, shows that The House continues to make its mark on American theatre both locally and nationally.
Continuing in residence at The Chopin Theatre, the season kicks off with Season on the Line, Company Member Shawn Pfautsch’s meta-theatrical adaptation of Moby-Dick. Guest artist and recent Northwestern MFA graduate Jess McLeod leads the production which translates Melville’s epic story and the book’s unforgettable narrative form into the world of a struggling mid-sized regional theatre. Our narrator’s love letter to the American theatre industry introduces us to a fanatical artistic director and an impossible obsession with the perfect production of, you guessed it, Moby-Dick.
The Nutcracker returns for the holidays with continued enhancements in spectacle and holiday magic. Company Member Tommy Rapley will once again lead the production.
Opening in February 2015, the much-anticipated full trilogy, THE HAMMER TRINITY, is completed with its third installment, The Excelsior King, and performed in full in both weeknight repertory and weekend all-day marathons.
The Hammer Trinity is a fantasy epic, taking place over three full-length plays set in a parallel proto-America. Dressed as a classic hero tale, it embraces the romance of a dungeons-and-dragons adventure filled with magic and monsters. But then, gently, as our young hero completes the first leg of his journey, the world reveals a more complex moral landscape in which “hero” and “villain” are subjective. The hero, now the king, is forced to navigate a crisis of identity akin to the red-state/blue-state split in the modern American landscape.
The three plays of The Hammer Trinity perform in single and double features on weeknights, with full marathon performance days every Saturday and Sunday, complete with picnic-style dinner breaks shared by the audience and cast.
The ambition of the project has attracted exciting partnerships. The University of Chicago will provide laboratory space through their “Summer Inc.” program for the trilogy’s development as a single production, as well as dramaturgical intersections from their academics and professors. A web development company, Dom and Tom Development, has come on as a corporate sponsor for the project. And The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami Dade County has invested significant resource in the piece’s development and is committed to bringing the completed trilogy to Miami as a centerpiece of their tenth anniversary season in 2016.
The Magic Parlour will run every Friday night and many Saturday nights throughout the entire season at the exquisite Palmer House Hilton Hotel. Award-winning, third-generation magician Dennis Watkins performs 75 minutes of intimate, classic magic and mind reading in Chicago’s only weekly, late night magic show. New feats are incorporated every few months, keeping this show as astonishing as ever for fans of Watkins and The House. Performances are at 7:30pm and 9:30pm on Fridays, and many Saturdays.
Memberships for the 13th Season are now available.