ILGOP Chairman’s Update: March to Victory in 2014 — Our Winning Ticket

From Chairman Jack Dorgan

With a spirited primary behind us, it’s time to come together as Republicans and move toward our most important goal: winning the election in November and rescuing our great state.

Illinois has had to endure 10-plus years of one-party, tax-and-spend, far-left control, and every one of us has felt the impact:

  • The second-worst jobless rate of any state.
  • The biggest tax hike in Illinois history – 67% on families and 45% on job creators – which Gov. Quinn now wants to make permanent.
  • Billions in unpaid bills and the worst credit ratings of any state.
  • Failure to lead on the things that really matter: crime, education, property taxes, the economy, you name it.

The last ten years haven’t been pretty. But this past month officially introduced us to the individuals who have stepped up to hold the Democrats accountable for their failures. As Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, I am proud to introduce you to the Republican ticket for the 2014 election:

Governor/Lt. Governor: Bruce Rauner and Evelyn Sanguinetti

U.S. Senator: Jim Oberweis

Comptroller: Judy Baar Topinka

Treasurer: Tom Cross

Attorney General: Paul Schimpf

Secretary of State: Mike Webster

I want to thank all of the candidates who ran in the primary, and all the campaign staff, volunteers and everyone who voted in the primary. Every one of you contributed to a strong start to a winning campaign… as we fight to take back Illinois.

Be a Part of the Action

Beating Gov. Quinn and taking back our state isn’t going to happen with Republicans sitting on the sidelines.

It’s going to take every one of us pitching in, working together, and doing the important work of educating voters and driving turnout to WIN in November.

Our website,, has an easy-to-use, easy-to-share volunteer sign-up form, where you can register to do anything from voter contact in your own neighborhood, to putting up a yard sign to show your support. It’s going to take a team effort to win, so I hope I can count on you to do your part!

Have You Contributed Yet?

As you know, the Democrats aren’t going to give up the power they’ve seized without an epic battle.

Illinois Democrats are well-entrenched, well-connected, and well-funded for the fight. Beating them is going to take a lot of hard work and a well-funded campaign of our own. And it starts with YOU!

We can’t afford to let them out-spend us and drown out our message, up and down the ticket. This truly is a grass-roots, bottom-up campaign to rescue our state, and our fundraising efforts need to reflect that.

Please, click here to contribute $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can to help fund our important work between now and November.

March to Victory Event

Thanks to everyone who joined our March to Victory event in Chicago the day after the Primary. It was an important reminder that we’re stronger together than we are apart, and of the challenge we have ahead of us.

If you weren’t able to be there in person, click below for links to some of the press coverage:

Illinois Review (including photo gallery)

Gov. Quinn: Making Your Tax Hike Permanent

Last week, Gov. Quinn officially unveiled the centerpiece of his 2014 re-election campaign: raising YOUR taxes.

During the Governor’s annual budget address (a speech that was conveniently delayed this year until the week after the primary election), Gov. Quinn announced that he would seek to make Illinois’s largest tax hike in history — 67 percent on families and 45% on businesses – permanent.

In case you don’t remember what that 67% tax hike meant in your life… it meant that a full week of your paycheck now goes straight to Springfield for Pat Quinn and the Democrats to spend, not you. And if Pat Quinn gets his way, that becomes permanent.

Of course, Gov. Quinn has had five years now to deliver results for Illinois, and he has failed on nearly every measure. And he’s broken promise after promise during those five years, so we have no reason to believe him now.

  • We can’t trust Pat Quinn to balance the budget – he promised to do so five years ago and we still have $7 billion in unpaid bills today.
  • We can’t trust Pat Quinn on jobs – he promised to make it his top priority and we’re second-worst in the country on jobs today.
  • We can’t trust Pat Quinn on taxes – he promised his biggest-tax-in-history would be temporary, and he’s breaking that promise now, to nobody’s surprise.
  • We can’t trust Pat Quinn on education – he promised to invest in education, only to turn around and cut funding by more than $600 million.

Plenty of food for thought as Gov. Quinn ramps up the campaign promises from now until November.

Click here to read more on Gov. Quinn’s budget
Click here to read more about the Democrats’ tax obsession

Holding Democrats Accountable

One of the roles of the Illinois Republican Party is holding Democrat officials and candidates accountable for their actions. Too often, the mainstream media tends to gloss over the shortcomings of the Democratic party, while screaming from the rooftops about Republicans.

Here’s a sampling of our efforts in the past month:

Holding the Democrats accountable is a responsibility we take very seriously. If you know of an elected official or candidate who needs to be highlighted, please, contact us at or 312-201-9000.

State Central Committee Update

On April 16, Illinois Republican County Chairmen and State Central Committee elections are held throughout Illinois. It’s an important day, when Illinois Republicans select the party officials who will lead us to victory in November.

We received an impressive response of nominees to serve on the State Central Committee in all 18 Congressional Districts, and we are currently in the process of vetting the nominees ahead of the April election.

For an update on the applicants to State Central Committee and more information about the election process, please click here.

Happy Birthday!

And just in case you missed it, the Republican Party was born 160 years ago this month!

On March 20, 1854, a group of former Whigs and others in the anti-slavery movement met in the upper midwest, and formed a new party to fight for our shared values and take on the failed leadership of the Democrats (sound familiar?).

Since then, we’ve been the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan, and today we continue to lead with a shared commitment to liberty, freedom, equal opportunity and modern ideas.

Happy birthday, fellow Republicans!