One Nation Underemployed: Raise the Minimum Wage

(From the National Urban League)


Imagine working 40 hours a week, but still worrying about putting food on the table – or having to choose between paying your housing bill or your heating bill. Imagine working 40 hours a week and barely making enough to live, let alone save or plan for the future. Imagine working full-time and still being poor with no way out or up. Sadly, millions of Americans don’t have to IMAGINE – this is the reality they face every day.

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The road from poor to plenty is long, but raising the minimum wage is an important first step in lifting millions of families out of poverty and giving them a chance at a better life.

The last time the minimum wage was enough to support a family was in 1968.  Lyndon Johnson was president, and a gallon of gas was 34 cents.   Times have changed – and so should wages. 

Please join the National Urban League in sending a message to Congress that the time for action is NOW to give millions of working men and women the raise they need.

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