Black-owned Tech Company, Coolnerd kiosk, to Exhibit at SXSW Trade Show

New York, NY — ( — CoolNerd Kiosk (, a new technology is all set to be exhibited at this year’s SXSW trade show in Austin, TX from March 09, 2014 to March 12, 2014. Although smart phones continue to advance, many users are still frustrated with data charges and the lackluster battery life on many of the popular models. The new CoolNerd Kiosk helps to solve these problems by providing a convenient way for users to download entertainment and charge their phones without data charges and while on the go.

A user can connect to a CNK and shop for movies and music and download content directly to their device via USB connection. A complimentary device charge occurs while their device is connected. Users pay content fees comparable to iTunes via credit card, debit card or PayPal.

A representative from the CoolNerd Kiosk said, “We are glad to provide this new technology to help people that are always on the move. It is helpful for a number of purposes like touch screen shopping of movies and music and charging mobile phones while traveling.” He added, “In the upcoming trade show in Austin, we are going to exhibit our technology and we aim to be a leading name in offering downloading and charging services to smart phone and tablet users.”

CoolNerd Kiosks also airs commercials on its touch screen monitors before user shopping and during download. Once the user finds a selection they like, they pay via credit/debit card or PayPal, then CNK reads the device type and copies entertainment to the device’s directory using proprietary “A-C Loader” application. The company was founded by Mark Unthank, a creative thinker who has envisioned and developed this convenient way of bridging the gap between DVD kiosks and online streaming for smart phone users.

Mr. Unthank hopes customers will embrace CoolNerd Kiosk as the next step in selfservice entertainment, hoping it will become as ubiquitous as Redbox DVD kiosks.

When contacted, Royce Lee from Live Nation Entertainment said, “Our customers use it at every show!”

Roy Staeck from Union Station, Washington, DC added, “It is great for our customers and businesses.”

About CoolNerd Kiosk
CoolNerd Kiosks offers smart phone owners touch screen shopping of movies and music without data charges, free battery charge and advertising opportunities to brands and products. For more details, visit

Photo Caption: Mark Unthank, a creative thinker and founder of CoolNerd Kiosk