Sign Petition to End Military Sexual Assault

(Letters to Editor)
From Sean Patrick Maloney
Democrat for Congress

It is so important we do something to address military sexual assault…
Just this weekend, the AP reported that “the handling of allegations verged on the chaotic,” and that seemingly strong cases were often reduced to lesser charges or dismissed entirely.
We know too much about the injustice being carried out against our men and women in uniform not to act. Take a moment to add your voice and help protect them by passing the Military Justice Improvement Act.
This is heartbreaking: More than 70 members of our armed services face coercive or abusive sexual contact, assault or rape every day. That’s three every hour.
We need to pass the Military Justice Improvement Act now – and the Senate is poised to act this week. We can’t take no for an answer – not when the men and women of our military continue to be victimized, hour after hour, day after day.
Check out the numbers. They’re horrifying.
  • 26,000 – the number of estimated sexual assaults in the military in 2012
  • 5,000 – the number of those assaults that were reported
  • 50% – the year over year increase in assaults
The last one might be the one that gets me most. This problem is getting worse, while Congress sits on its hands.
No more! The Senate could act any day, but they won’t if you don’t sound your voice on behalf of our military heroes now.
New York’s own Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has been a relentless advocate for our troops and I’m so proud to call her my senator.
The Military Justice Improvement Act will change the lives of victims by taking the decision to prosecute outside the chain of command.
It needs to happen – now. Help us. Sound your voices until it does.
With every day that passes, the lives of men and women who volunteer to protect our country are destroyed.
Let’s say enough,