State Senator Collins: “We won’t leave our wounded behind” as economy recovers

Collins responds to Gov. Quinn’s State of the State Address yesterday

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Illinois State Senator Jacqueline Y. Collins (D-Chicago 16th) issued the following statement after Governor Pat Quinn’s State of the State address yesterday:

I was encouraged by the focus on extending a helping hand to those who bore the brunt of the recession and are not reaping the rewards of the recovery. I am resolved that as Illinois moves forward from this time of crisis, we will not leave our wounded behind.

That’s why I stand with the governor and many of my colleagues in support of increasing the minimum wage this year. As Pres. Obama leads the charge for a higher federal minimum wage to ensure the fair treatment of workers in all states, here in Illinois we are motivated by the core belief he expressed last night: that a man or woman working a full-time job should not have to live in poverty.

Doubling the Earned Income Tax Credit, focusing on job creation and extending access to early childhood education will likewise help break the cycle of poverty for families especially hard-hit by the housing crisis and recession. I look forward to working hard this year to enact policies that bring recovery and promise to the neighborhoods of my district and throughout the state.