Hypocrisy: Did some U.S. politicians forget it’s unlawful to buy and use controlled substances?

A disingenuous act of deception coming from an elected official sets precedence for youth.

By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

President of Probation Challenge and The PCC Internet Broadcast

How can a hypocritical elected official elected to uphold the laws of the United States not do so? How can American citizens rationalize and justify such behavior with troubled youth? Youth cannot conduct themselves in such an unforgiving manner as our congressional leader without the consequences of jail or prison, and a rehab institute never considered! This truly constitutes a double standard in these Not-So-United States.  How then can hypocritical people stand before the American people, pledge an allegiance to the U.S. congressional flag, knowing that truth is as far from them as day is from night!

God knows and remembers the mentalities of politicians, ministers, and other chosen leaders who disingenuously take to the speaker’s podium with messages geared to disrupt and divide the children of God.  In that God knows the very thoughts of humans before they reach their minds, it’s then safe to say that you can’t fool the Creator with our child-like-mind-games! Humans often forget that with God everything is written in the lamb’s book of life and, all deeds said and done are subjected to God’s law of retribution!  The Judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether…says President Abraham Lincoln.

Perhaps Washington and its mismanagement of governmental affairs is because a ‘controlled substance of sort’ has invaded the mentality of a demented few, thusly causing many fantasy worlds to exist! Or again, perhaps there is a choir of other congressional leaders yet to seek rehabilitation.

Without doubt, others sitting in seats of authority who are seeking to do rational matters are often subjected to the wimps of that few who are looking for a moment in front of a camera. Take note that others are perhaps not involved with a controlled substance, but under some sort of a mind-altering substance, a substance that has caused them to call right wrong and wrong right. This should not reflect merely on Washington, DC, but can extend to the Illinois State House where many are no longer clear in rendering decisions that vastly affect the people they have taken a sworn oath to serve!

Why is there such a distraction in obeying the written law of the land!? Disobedience to obey the laws of the land and the law of God is now by many considered the normal way of conducting business.  What manner of drug or madness is this? It has been asked if this could be for the love of money. Whatever the case, the taxpayer has been raped and suffers the blunt consequences of having bad government.

The scripture states that ‘Above all things the heart is desperately wicked, who can know it but God.’ In the latter days, covers of darkness are being pulled back and evil deeds are being brought into the light. Point: Youth have been charged with far lesser offenses such as marijuana and have been given a far greater sentence. Why is there such a disparity in the law? Whites get slapped on the back-of-the-hand, while African-Americans and Hispanics get kicked in the pants! Now, this is not to say that youth are right in the drug arena, but take a long hard look at who, what and when! This unfair act of what is now considered the ‘law’ for blacks, under the fair-law-of-God would be the same for Whites.

It has been suggested that Whites go to glorified country clubs, while blacks continue with the chain gang criminal justice way of doing things.

Are you not glad that God gave the human race one set of rules which extends back before the foundation of the world? God did it with no biased intent! However, we have derailed from the right ways of doing things … and now we are way off track with sanity. Some deranged world-known leaders are seeking to establish their own ways of doing things and flaunting it on their sleeves as The New Order. These ways are not the lawful ways, nor the ways of God.

God exposes evil to the true baptized believer

On the scene today, corrupted politicians, ministers, and others who attempt to sway the mindset of non-bible-reading persons, are now being publicly and spiritually exposed! In these latter days, it is noted that radio, television and other media outlets are documenting that hypocritical persons who have been able to vastly influence people for the purpose of dollars are now subliminally showing the public who they really are!

Am I hurt? Yes I am, and I’ll tell you why! African Americans and other minorities are perishing for the lack of knowledge because many were denied book learning and some the wisdom given from God. Wisdom from God was not in many cases given because some did not ask for it! God said ‘If any man or women lacked wisdom, let them ask of me!’

And with a loud boastful voice, those sitting in seats of authority in Washington, DC and Springfield, Illinois have chosen to brainwash their followers and/or anyone who would listen to their corrupted spiritual garbage.

Once again, let us remember what the late President Abraham Lincoln said: The Judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.

With a word of warning and without any cautious hesitation, allow me to put unjust humans on notice that whomever would jest as to the judgments of God… be advised that any attempt to steal the heart of man away from the Lord Almighty will have dire consequence!

Rev. Harold E. Bailey, President of Probation Challenge and The PCC Internet Broadcast Network, WWW.ProbationChallenge.org – The Truth Network

Submitted to: CopyLine Magazine