Kirk demands Obamacare Website Contract

Asks who is accountable for spending $400 million of taxpayer money for a failed website, can we save the next $100 million
WASHINGTON – During a Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing regarding the failed Obamacare health insurance exchanges, U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) demanded that the American people know the details of the $400 million contract awarded to CGI Federal, Quality Software Services Incorporated (QSSI) and others.

“This is a tale of two beltway bandits,” Senator Kirk said in the hearing, referring to the contractors responsible for implementing, CGI and QSSI. “Taxpayers deserve to know the full details of where their money is going, particularly in light of this disaster.” He went further to ask if they can stop the next scheduled payment of $100 million to CGI Federal.

To watch a clip of Senator Kirk’s remarks at the HELP Committee hearing, click here.

The CMS Administrator, Marilyn Tavenner, did not fully disclose the details of the the contracts with CGI and QSSI at the hearing, but she agreed that the Administration would release any and all information, including the contracts.

Under the new law, 3.5 million Americans have lost their current healthcare coverage, according to the Associated Press.