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The Chicago Jungle and Its Pretentious Mistakes!

Posted by Admin On October - 16 - 2013

By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

President of Probation Challenge & the PCC Internet Network

Through the years, there’s been a change in the mentalities of youth that has been duly noted! Some youth who without any spiritual consideration for life, are known to take the life of a human being without blinking an eye! It has become rather ill (sin-sick) when a young man or women can point a gun, pull the trigger, kill or wound a person, go home to eat and sleep well. This is despicable! However, it does exist in the great city of Chicago, a city now referred to as ‘The Murder Capitol’ of the United States. But then again – who’s concerned?

In such an advanced political city as Chicago, which is envied by many, there are striking skyscrapers, thriving businesses, a beautiful lake Michigan, over 5,500 policemen, but little is known as to who most perpetrators of crime are, nor where they live! Some say they are lost in the Chicago-jungle!

As a 36-year-old youngster, I was full of energy and served as an individual warrior whose spiritual sights were set against principalities and spiritual wickedness. Even at a young age, I noted that there were hidden hands that purposely gave the detrimental tools of drugs and other diabolical enhancements to youth on a silver platter! I saw vicious things that indicated our youth didn’t by chance become who they were, but they were subliminally taught criminal behavior!

Now, as I have past God’s promised years, the enemy (Satan) feels that I have grown rather old, and for me to serve in a new embattled warfare against crime and drugs would seen a bit much! I must confess that in my weariness my body has grown weak; however, my love for youth has grown stronger as the prayers of the believers have certainly helped to resurrect me!

As I relaxed spiritually, I had a chance to reflect and engage in meaningful communications with God.  With Him, I received fresh and invaluable orders for this massive warfare with the enemy! The enemy: Those who come without shame to rob, steal, kill and destroy, brazenly in the name of their master – Satan! And, yes, Satan comes seeking to devour our defenseless women and children…and the elders!

Beware that Satan come to take young men away from their women and children and enslave them to jails and prisons, thusly this often leaves a woman defenseless and open to being misused in devious ways by the unassuming enemy.

In secret the enemy will rob our children away from the arms of their parents, and in doing so he then feeds them drugs for comfort.  He cunningly instructs them as to the issues of hate and deceit, and introduces them as to the tools of criminal behavior!  In Satan’s approach to an uneducated youth, it gives him a large advantage.

It is important to know that Satan will recruit his prey, and then rock the victim in his cradle of stupidity. In these moves of entrapments, he then would have unbelievers to assume that the war against street crime is all but lost. I remind the believer that God has the last word and the victory in the end belongs to Him!

Watch: Satan has a hidden posture. His satanic powers are made visible in the daily murders displayed blatantly before the eyes of Chicagoans and the world! These overt crimes, mostly attributed to drugs were once committed in streets and alleyways, however, they are now committed with forced entry into loving homes.

These acts of satanic-aggressions are from the pit of hell and are committed with little response from City Hall! So the question should be, would these terrors acts take place if they were predicated on other than black folk?

Without question: If drugs and murder (in abundance) ever gripped the white communities… in a heartbeat they would quickly be dismantled! Why then allow such detrimental criminal behavior to flourish on the South and West sides of the city of Chicago?

I hasten to point out that the lack of viable solutions rest with Chicago elected powers-that-be! Solutions should be considered by those persons who have the city and state finances, and certainly the know-how as to common street knowledge in ingenious police directives… and with police personnel who are capable of lending expertise in city street demeanor

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s hiring departmental assistance out of the city was by many considered a disaster! And, outside hiring indicated a lack of Chicago Police Department trust! This nationwide search was a disservice to those serving honestly from day-to-day and a heavy back-hand slap to policemen/women well acquainted with the streets and alleys of Chicago. Though by the book, this was a gigantic blunder by all concerned!

Mistakes can be remedied by a humbling attitude and a contrite heart. But Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and a few City Council persons seem to have a vision for things that are of little interest to the community … this is commonly known as mislaid priorities!

Chicago is comprised of a large majority of Blacks and Hispanics! Hiring did not reflect an intelligent decision by the administration. Chicago Blacks and Hispanics believe they were overlooked and have mixed feeling about feeding into any solutions coming from outsiders who were hired.

After interviewing some of Chicago’s police staff, I was pleased to find that these knowledgeable  persons, Black and Hispanic, are graciously standing in the wings of the city with proper credentials for Chief-of-police and other positions lending to constructive change in the area of crime and drugs.

Mistakes can be remedied by those running the show to have a humbled attitude and a contrite spirit. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and a few City Council members appear to be headed in a direction not representing the large majority population of voters.

Let’s not pretend any longer! Persons not of the African-American and Hispanic backgrounds (with the exception of a few) are less apt to know where the missing links are. Historically, and for many years, Caucasians had the lay of the land, and even now have advantage over the combination numbers which bring jobs and crime prevention into reality! They undeniably know where the political skeletons and hidden monies are buried. Many of the incumbents know (most times) how to pull the wool over the eyes of the public … without it ever being noticed!

We can’t forget the meter decision put in place under former Mayor Richard M. Daley. It is a clear and sad example as to how taxpayers along with their children and their children’s children will be enslaved with paying back what is owned. These enslavement matters were entrusted upon the city and the inhabitants thereof for hundreds of years to come.  Note that this action was done as the then political administrator took his seat to retire.

Take a long hard look at those swearing before God to help those they serve! Officials who were sworn to look after the affairs of the city, some apparently looked after themselves quite well! Who’s going to jail becomes the question! Who’s going to replace the dollars being raped from those who have for years scraped to save for retirement? Little is left to enjoy in the sun setting of life.

Taxpayers must awaken from this nightmare and discover that the foolish behaviors of those persons eating and sleeping well will continue. However, there is a solution – vote and bring about a drastic change…a positive meaningful change!

We must concern ourselves with whom we lift up before our children … especially when youth emulate what they see! As data (records) reflect, youth emulated the lives of grandiose politicians who are now serving serious time in prison! Question: Are there other elected officials waiting in the wings?

Grand conspiracy predicated on children at the 3rd and 4th grades: It is documented that at the 3rd and/or 4th grade, children are said to be in a pattern of not learning and as you would know, the absence of education means that the student is in preparation for the “criminal just us system”.

This, without a doubt, means that those in authority were and are… fully aware of the problem but have refused to fix it! This also indicates that those sitting on and overseeing the Illinois and Chicago school boards that govern children are also the problem!

Would you not stop a child from proceeding into a house when it’s burning down? Then why not stop a child heading toward the waiting rooms to hell, which is jail and prison? This is where we see the conspiracy…when you by the hundreds don’t aid a child when you can, it becomes an inside act of entrapment for ignorance! As I said a thousand times before… as youth drops out … that student will then drop into the justice system. The two systems appear to work hand in hand without any disruptions from the powers-that-be!

Undereducated Youth really don’t stand a ghost of a chance! They honestly don’t know that everybody is becoming the richer as a result of criminal behavior… well, everybody but them!  The perpetrators (defendant) of crime go into the bowels of the justice system laughing and joking, not knowing that he or she is pimping thousands of court/jail prison employees. All the result of ignorance! Yes, indeed, ignorance of a stupid and a not thought out crime! If the person (defendant) would have thought out what he or she was doing, more likely than not, they never would have committed the offense in the first place. Most of the time, the defendant is without an educational thought as to the consequences of their behavior. It’s called being stuck on stupid!

Wake up tax payers, there are meaningful and workable solutions! We must demand that viable solutions be implemented immediately for the sake of our community! Or, better still – importune those elders who know what, when and where!

Rev. Harold E. Bailey is the President of Probation Challenge and the PCC Internet Network.

WWW.ProbationChallenge.org – The Truth Network

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the Rev. Harold E. Bailey and not of CopyLine Magazine.

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