“Magic in the Word”: Revolutionary Book of Acrostic Poetry brings new meaning & depth to life’s ‘everyday’ words.

Written by Victor French and believed to be the only book of acrostic poetry currently on the market, ‘Magic in the Word’ brings a whole new meaning to words we speak every day. While the book’s format is revolutionary in itself, the author’s unique presentation of words is expected to help readers use them in proper context and express their thoughts with gusto.

Toronto, Ontario – While hundreds of thousands of poetry books exist to encompass every conceivable topic, Canadian author Victor French has opened a new literary door by releasing what is believed to be the first published book of acrostic poetry. However, it isn’t just an art form; French’s unique presentation of everyday words is a bold attempt to help readers better understand them and express their thoughts with true meaning.

‘Magic in the Word’ says it all in its title. Exploratory, entertaining and wholly-unique, the ground-breaking book is poised to resonate with readers everywhere.


Some have said that this book should be a COFFEE TABLE “must” because of the quick, easy read of each and every page. The author has captured the inner sense and feeling of everyday words to the point that we may now use these words and know that they are in proper context to express our thoughts. Selected readers, previewing the manuscript, gave the opinion that overall it is a clever, thought provoking and smooth flowing description of a word artfully using each letter that spell the word. You will find some of the work within the pages are the author’s philosophical thoughts, others are enough to tickle the thought processes of the reader, while some are simply amusing.

This book is definitely for the young and old – and all those in between – as it reminds us that the words we use each day have a real feeling other than something uttered as we chatter our way through each day with others.

The author, in essence, has ventured into a new realm with words and letters that will challenge the readers to let their minds open in a new direction with the simplest of words in daily use.

As the author explains, composing his book was quite a challenge.

“I set out to use every letter of the alphabet, and I achieved it! It was important for me to use everyday words in order to give readers a deeper understanding and appreciation of them. Examples include GOD – HEAVEN – CHOICE – BRAVE -HUMANS – BEAUTY – MOTION – QUEST,” says French.

Continuing, “To date I have had some comments from those that have seen some of the pages including a couple of book editors  – so I give a few here  — Ingenious – clever – thought provoking – philosophical. Comments also included ‘a book for teachers and preachers’ and ‘a book for every office reception area’ because it’s a short enjoyable read while waiting. Although a few Name Poems are included – there is also some of what friends call my ‘Brain Dribble’ – where I play with various words in a humorous way – to have some fun and hopefully raise a chuckle from the reader.”

With a second book in the works, French is currently hosting a unique competition. Through his increasingly-popular blog, French is inviting all members of the public to submit words for possible inclusion.

“I’ll tackle anything so, go on – challenge me! Who knows, your word could end up being featured in my next book!” he adds.

‘Magic in the Word’, published by FriesenPress, is available now: http://amzn.to/1dIRVWt. The book will soon be available through over 25,000 global retailers.

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://authorvfrench.weebly.com.