Republican Tom Cross announces run for Illinois treasurer, says campaign to change Illinois and move it in a new direction

Cross’ announcement follows:

Fellow Illinoisans,

Moments ago, with my family at my side, we launched a campaign to change Illinois and move it in a new direction with three simple goals: balance the budget, reform state spending and protect taxpayers.

Our campaign for Treasurer begins today, and I need your help right now. Join our team by clicking here.

My friends, the challenges we face are real.  The decisions our elected officials make are important.  And for better or worse, citizens are directly impacted by the outcomes.

That’s why I’ve decided to announce that I will seek the office of Illinois State Treasurer.

Join Tom Cross

I want to move Illinois in a new direction by serving as good steward of the taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars and ensuring they are invested carefully and judiciously.

Join our team by clicking here and help jumpstart our effort with a $3 donation.
For too long, Illinois politicians have repeatedly failed to solve the state’s biggest problems and as a result, we face record high-taxes, skyrocketing debt and the nation’s worst budget deficit.  These repeated failures are making life tougher and tougher for every family and it’s time we take a new direction.

The simple truth is that the right decisions for Illinois families are not being made in Springfield.

I’m running for treasurer because I want to restore trust, protect taxpayers and make a real, serious difference in the lives of our state’s citizens.

That starts with balancing the budget.

State law requires we have a balanced budget, yet the gimmicks legislators and Governor’s have used over the past decade have resulted in the nation’s worst budget deficit and over $7 billion in unpaid bills.

It’s not fair to taxpayers and it has to stop.

On day one, I will let the legislature and Governor know that I will use all the powers available to me under the Constitution, including legal action, to enforce the state’s balanced budget requirement.

Taxpayers deserve no less.

Our goal must be to make Illinois a better place for all of us.

I hope you will join with me to make that goal a reality.

Thank you,

Tom Cross
Republican for Treasurer