National Black Church Initiative locates nearly 60,000 complaints against BB&T Bank among African Americans in the Southeast

Black Church: Stop doing business at BB&T; Black religious broadcasters joins boycott
Phase 1 has ended. Phase Two begins in 30 days

(From The National Black Church Initiative)

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Black Church Initiative, a coalition of 34,000 churches representing 15.7 million African American churchgoers, located 32,587 complaints against BB&T Bank throughout the Southeast United States. The findings, both surprising and shocking, are part of the first phase of a seven year boycott against BB&T Bank. The complaints alleged unethical behavior, unnecessary fees, online banking trickery, bad loans, rude personnel, and overall uneasiness concerning white personnel towards black customers. We plan to aggregate these findings and file them online over the next two months so the public can appreciate the breadth and scope of why NBCI has taken this extraordinary effort. We also plan to speak with state regulators in Georgia, Virginia, Florida, and throughout the southeast to publicize the findings.

Rev. Sheldon Williams, President of the National Black Religious Broadcasters declares “we are very much ready to work with Rev. Evans and the National Black Church Initiative on this important community social justice project. I have been training our religious broadcasters

throughout the Southeast how they can enhance and intensify this boycott. We are ready when Rev. Evans gives the go-ahead to employ out 10,000 broadcasters in this endeavor”.

This represents the first phase of our Boycott against BB&T Bank. Phase two begins in 30 days which will substantially increase our online presence in order to educate and persuade the public not to do business with BB&T Bank. As a result of the 57,000 complaints, we have collected over 750,000 emails and created new software to send out information to these online contacts. With the power of ten friends for each contact we will have online presence of 7 million followers. We plan to concentrate in the footprint of the bank. In addition, we will establish a new tactical approach yet to be revealed that will galvanize the public concerning the negative banking approach that BB&T Bank has systematically applied to African Americans throughout the region.

The Rev Anthony Evans, President of NBCI, says “BB&T Bank’s leadership thought that we had gone away and that this campaign had fizzled. But just the opposite is true. We have been quietly gathering the necessary information so that we can create a systematic retribution against the bank’s treatment of African Americans. Our upcoming tactic will truly galvanize not only the 750,000 emails that we have collected, but ten times that size. We are ready to implement Phase 2 and it will come with a big moral bang.”

DISCLAIMER: The poll conducted to arrive at these statistics is as a result of 20 years of experience from NBCI staff members in polling church members. We do not claim that this was a rigid scientific poll that covers and constitutes acceptable industry standards in polling. However, we are confident that the statistics we have arrived at in-house reflects the feelings of African American religious congregants who may or may not be a part of NBCI.

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