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‘Jailed with Dr. King, she continues to walks that spiritual walk’

By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

President of Probation Challenge/PCC Broadcast Network

As the United States celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King and the March on Washington, I was privileged to be a special guest speaker/presenter for an appreciation service given in honor of Pastor Lottie Woods Hall. Hall resides in Greenville, South Carolina, and is the Servant Leader of The Intercessory Center.

History regarding this unsung woman of God, extends back to the days of her being jailed with the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in the early civil rights movement. As a jailed detainee in Birmingham, Alabama, Lottie Woods, then a young student, led hymns and gospel music that would resonate throughout the facility. Incarcerated civil rights detainees (and others) joined in the joyful sounds of music, and as a result… the jail became a large gospel choir rendering hope, encouragement and faith to the movement.

Lottie Woods, then a young student-age-girl full of energy, had a sincere purpose and vision. Over the years she has maintained that energy, purpose and vision as an adult! More than often she reminds the people of her theme … “Standing in the gap and making up the hedge on behalf of the felt needs of people.” Much of her life has been a focus on helping others, especially those who could not assist themselves.

At this appreciation service, my seat was positioned where I could see the faces of attendees. I saw faces with tears as others were broadened  by a smile. I observed some who had not been apprised of Pastor Hall’s history… their faces were given to surprise! At that moment, I thought how wonderful it would be if people around the world would take just a moment to salute persons who have brought constructive change into their lives. And if one does not know who the bridge is that brought you over the burning sands of time, it would be wise to become educated to the facts. Ask questions … and demand serious answers!

In our African American struggle for justice, it would be nice to applaud those who made the supreme sacrifice of giving their blood, sweat and tears to the civil-right-struggle! We want to believe that most people know Black American Historical History – but I’m embarrassed to say that many African-Americans don’t, and now in Chicago, we are discovering what’s believed to be a conspiracy for the history not to be instructed! In that auditorium, there were young folk with amazement on their faces as to the compliments of this woman, but yet shocked that she, an honorable woman would be in their midst, their Servant Leader … their Pastor!

In observing the civil rights movement down through the corridors of time, it has been noted that many of those persons who traveled the freedom roads, few are left among us! Hall was spared the hand of folk who would seek the demise of people deemed as Colored/Negros/Black Folk. She was spared only but… by the grace of God!

How can we dismiss the fact that many freedom travelers were killed seeking to bring about the massive changes we enjoy today! Pastor Hall marched in that awareness cause that shook this nation – and wrote its history on the tables of time that shall never be forgotten!

We shudder to think, had such greats as  Dr. Martin L. King, Fred Shuttleworth, Andrew Young, Ralph Abernathy, Abraham and Calvin Woods (Lottie’s brothers), and others had not adhered to the voice of God and stepped up to the plate of injustice with justice, and with the mighty enduring strength imparted by God, what spiritual condition would African Americans be in today? We thank God for soldiers of the cross who marched fearlessly, knowing that their lives were in the hands of those who were bitter and disrespectful as to their merely being humans.

Today, we enjoy eating where we choose and spending dollars where we can get the best benefits. Today, contrary to many yesterdays, we have an opportunity to speak back to those who disrespect us! We should not forget those who opened their mouths and spoke back legally to the foul demons of injustices.

After a hard day of demonstrating, some would return to their homes, while others opted to gather in various churches to enjoy preaching, teaching, while exchanging various experiences encountered on that day.

Again, some were uncomfortable with marching! Some other civil rights adults and youth decided they would do more than just walk … they would take it further! Dr. Martin Luther King and an organized group gathered to march, they were decent and were in order… that group was treated rather rough by the powers-that-be, but they continued to march, arrested and went to jail. Many would sleep on the cold concrete floor, however their spirits were warmed in the embrace of their fellowship with God.

Young Lottie Woods, didn’t know at that time that God had selected her and others liken to her for a journey that would continue into eternity.

Hall speaks little about the famous marches and civil rights struggles she has encountered, but rather she teaches and preaches out of the depth of her experiences. She teaches not as conventional bodies of believers, but with biblical truth, and has no fear of spiritual reprisal! Her ministry to those who would dare listen, one would not believe that this humble person, soft spoken, but yet under the anointing of God, becomes a spiritual lightning rod!

If only our present youth across the United States would get excited regarding their standing up to challenges that are wrong. They have the fresh strength that’s needed in battle! God chooses youth because they are strong! Youth can march and speak openly today because of warrior of our yesterdays! Youth who have much to say, can positively express (rap) their views regarding today’s ill-issues because of the warriors of our yesterdays, there are few excuses. They can stand as the youth then stood… tall and didn’t take a ‘no positive change’ for an answer!

We salute Pastor Lottie Woods Hall, and others like her for being an example as to what God can do with our vessels – if we choose to let Him! Pastor Hall, the mighty woman of God, allowed without question the Almighty to take her to great heights and deeper depths that were unknown to her. Today, she offers no apology for the path she has traveled. She believes that her steps have been ordered by the Lord.

Pastor Hall, has preached for over 40-plus-years and serves as Servant Leader with ‘The Intercessory Center’ in Greenville, South Carolina, for 17-years. Hall traveled and recorded with the pioneering Harold Bailey Singers, out of Chicago. The noted group recorded for the Savoy label.

Pastor Lottie Woods Halls, born in Birmingham, Alabama, is privileged to have a family consisting of ministers, musicians, doctors, nurses, missionaries, and other professions.

In my conversation with many of the Woods family members, they all have professed their love affair with God.

Sitting quietly with great admiration at the appreciation service, was Pastor Pauline Franks, Storehouse of Faith Ministry Church, Greenville, South Carolina. Franks, who orchestrated the event along with members of The Intercessory Center, stated that Hall, “Is truly a women of God!” Franks declared Pastor Lottie Woods Hall to be her Pastor.

Serving as mistress of ceremonies, Pastor Franks invited people from around the country to attest to Pastor Hall’s ministerial dedication. Linda Singfield, from New York City, with credentials in the corporate world, raised her voice with strong testimony giving praises as to what God through Hall had done in her life. Stephen Hampton, principal at one of the High Schools in Greenville, noted how she had influenced his life. Youth and adult members of her Intercessory Center, took time to express their feelings of spiritual appreciation and growth under Hall’s leadership. A forceful body of three young ladies gave a praise-dance-rendition that brought the house to their feet. Leaders of the local ministerial alliance gave tributes. All who spoke and rendered acclaims were exceptional and well received.

It certainly appears that Pastor Hall has obeyed the voice of God, and in doing so, has planted the good seeds of righteousness … and is now reaping a good harvest in her season. Hall has proclaimed that there is much work to be done, and has now decided to return to her weekly Internet television broadcast, which travels the world 24/7 through the PCC Network/WWW.ProbationChallenge.org – The Truth Network. Because of immediate deaths and illness in her family, she temporarily relinquished the helm of her broadcast which was heard by millions around the globe.

Pastor Hall, recently received the noted ‘Portrait of Achievers’ Award from the Probation Challenge Organization in Chicago. She was applauded for her outstanding work in helping youth to get a hand-up in life. The 2nd Award was presented to Marshall Thompson of the world famous Chi-Lites.

Documentary of Pastor Lottie Woods Hall, ‘Women of Faith’, may be viewed at: WWW.ProbationChallenge.org – The Truth Network – 24/7 and On-Demand.———————–

Written by Rev. Harold E. Bailey, for Copyline Magazine

President, Probation Challenge, Inc. and The PCC Internet Broadcast Network.

WWW.ProbationChallenge.org The Truth Network

Written for Copyline Magazine

Photo Caption: Pastor Lottie Woods Hall (left) and Pastor Pauline Franks (right).

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