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Chicagoans respond to “Trial of the Century,” Bradley Manning Verdict & Sentencing

Posted by Admin On July - 31 - 2013 Comments Off on Chicagoans respond to “Trial of the Century,” Bradley Manning Verdict & Sentencing
(From the Gay Liberation Network LGBTliberation@aol.com)
While rejecting ridiculous “Aiding the Enemy” charge, with other charges, court escalates Obama administration’s war on civil liberties and public’s right to know
At 5 PM today (July 31, 2013) at Federal Plaza, Adams & Dearborn Streets, Chicagoans will join people around the world in expressing their anger at the harsh “justice” being meted out to Pvt. Bradley Manning in a Ft. Meade, MD military courtroom. 
While yesterday Judge Denise Lind rejected the prosecution’s attempt to treat sharing secret government information with the media as “treason” – something every administration in modern history themselves have done – by upholding five espionage charge, she extended the Obama administration’s streak of prosecuting more whistle-blowers than all previous U.S. administrations in history combined.
After his February 28th admission to many of the government’s charges on the grounds that he was exposing far greater government crimes, and yesterday’s disposal of the government’s “Aiding the Enemy” charge, today’s sentencing is now the main event.  With a maximum of possible of 360 years still on the table, Judge Lind could do through the back door what the prosecution failed to do with the “Aiding the Enemy” charge.
The verdict additionally poses grave repercussions for freedom of expression and freedom of the press in the United States. This decision makes it harder for journalists to do their jobs and strikes fear in people wanting to shed light on official wrongdoing. 

“The WikiLeaks cables have been credited with hastening the end of the war in Iraq and as well of providing inspiration for numerous democratic uprisings in the Arab World. Countless news organizations have used the documents released by Manning,” said Occupy Chicago activist Michael Ehrenreich.

“What this case really highlights is the utter hypocrisy of the U.S. state in the face of whistle-blowers and independent journalism,” said journalist Jeremy Scahill. 
We’re in a moment when journalism is being criminalized by this administration, by the Justice Department, where the Espionage Act is being used, where reporters are having their phone records seized.  We’re all paying attention to the case of Jim Risen of the New York Times who has been ordered now to testify against one of his sources, and I think that the Manning case really dramatizes that people who blow the whistle, and who are participates in or are observers to what they believe are war crimes, when they blow the whistle on it, they are going to face either death or life in prison.  But those who are sort of stenographers for the powerful get invited to do interviews with the President or play super-soaker fight on Joe Biden’s lawn.  I think it’s a devastating commentary that Bradley Manning may got to prison for many many years, if not his entire life, while you have legitimate war criminals walking around free, who built up a torture apparatus under the Bush administration, and this administration refuses to prosecute the torturers who operated with impunity for the eight years of the Bush era.
Besides the infamous “collateral murder” video which, until Manning leaked it, the Obama administration successfully covered up despite legal action by Reuters, Manning is credited with a number of other human rights accomplishments:
*** Publicizing the invading governments’ determination to keep troops in Iraq, despite their public pronouncements.  The leak embarrassed the al-Maliki government into insisting that foreign troops leave;
*** Helping spur the “Arab Spring” of rebellions across North Africa, according to World Affairs Journal, by exposing the alliances of the Bush and Obama administrations with dictators and oligarchies in the region;
*** Showing that the Obama administration knew of the impending coup against Honduras’s elected government [2] in 2009, yet did nothing to stop it, let alone the wave of violence initiated by the coup regime once it took over.
Today’s protest is co-sponsored Gay Liberation Network, Chicago World Can’t Wait, Northwest Indiana Veterans for Peace, and ANSWER Chicago.
For more information, contact Andy Thayer,  773.209.1187 or Danielle Villarreal at 815.997.3606,

Youth Rally at Cook County Board meeting to remember youth killed this Summer and demand Youth Investment

Posted by Admin On July - 31 - 2013 Comments Off on Youth Rally at Cook County Board meeting to remember youth killed this Summer and demand Youth Investment

CHICAGO, IL — Youth activists and allies from the Audy Home Campaign will hold a rally and press conference on Wednesday before the Cook County Board Meeting to remember friends lost to violence this summer and demand that Cook County invest in alternatives to juvenile detention.

Dressed as prisoners, youth and parents impacted by juvenile incarceration will tell stories of lost loved ones and the county policies of juvenile detention, which they say are failing.

“Cook County Board members are failing our youth, incarcerating youth isn’t working, and it is wasting money,” said youth activist and former detainee of the Cook County Temporary Juvenile Detention Center Auntraney Carter. “We are outraged that as our friends die the county’s only response is to increase spending on juvenile detention.”

Youth activist point out that the current County budget calls for increasing spending on the juvenile detention center by 13 million dollars next year. Youth are demanding that at least $1 million of these dollars get reinvested in restorative justice programs in the neighborhoods where youth get locked up. They say these alternative restorative justice programs will provide youth with conflict resolution peace circles, job training and mentorship, and mental health services which addresses the root causes of violence in their community.

The Audy Home Campaign aims develops the leadership of youth directly impacted by juvenile incarceration to improve conditions in the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center, and to ultimately shut the center down and replace it with alternative, community-based restorative justice programs.

Dozens of youth dressed in orange prison jump suits will rally before entering Cook County Board meeting.

The  rally and press conference will be held Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at 118 N. Clark St., 5th Floor, at 10:30 a.m.

For more information on the Audy Home Campaign, please contact Alex Goldenberg at 773 543-9153.

Immigrants demand medical care for all, including the undocumented community

Posted by Admin On July - 31 - 2013 Comments Off on Immigrants demand medical care for all, including the undocumented community

CHICAGO,  IL. A group of Immigrant rights advocates, families of patients, and supporters of the Hunger Strike for Health will march from Little Village to UIC Medical Center and demand an immediate meeting with hospital administrators.

They will march at 10:30 a.m., Wednesday, July 31, 2013  at Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission, 3442 W. 26th St., and a press conference will follow at 12 p.m. at the University of Illinois Chicago Medical Center, 1740 W. Taylor St Chicago (intersection of Wood and Taylor St).
Undocumented families and advocates demand that UIC Medical Center face the community and explain why they refuse to treat undocumented patients. The hunger strikers will march from Little Village to UIC Medical Center to deliver a letter for UIC Medical Center CEO to hold the hospital accountable for agreements it made last year to provide treatment to poor and undocumented patients..

Last year, as the result of a hunger strike, UIC Medical center committed to forming a round table with other hospitals in Chicago in order to provide liver and kidney transplants for patients who are undocumented or uninsured. UIC also agreed to form a Not for Profit pharmacy that would provide affordable medication for low income transplant patients. The hospital has broken these two commitments, and refuses to place uninsured and undocumented patients on the transplant list.

Since July 29, fourteen people have been on hunger strike to protest these inhumane and discriminatory health care practices. “University of Illinois at Chicago is a public institution that calls itself a civic leader, a progressive institution” stated Father Jose Landaverde, “and yet they deny treatment to people simply because they are uninsured and simply because they are undocumented. Poor people and those without status are being treated as less than human”. The hunger strike demands a change in policy that ensures people are put on the transplant list based on need and not based on citizenship or financial status.

Maria Garnica is participating in the hunger strike on behalf of her husband who urgently needs an organ transplant. She as well as others call on elected officials to prove their support of immigrant communities with concrete action not empty campaign-season promises. “They want our votes, we want our lives” she stated.

For more information, contact Fr. Jose S. Landaverde 773-512-8015; Tania Reyna 779-220-1006; Oscar Balbuena 773-715-0857

Madigan announces $491 million settlement over illegal drug marketing claims

Posted by Admin On July - 31 - 2013 Comments Off on Madigan announces $491 million settlement over illegal drug marketing claims
Attorney General: Illinois Will Receive $5.5 Million for False Claims to Medicaid Program
CHICAGO, IL – Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced a joint $491 million federal and state settlement to resolve civil and criminal allegations that pharmaceutical manufacturer Wyeth illegally marketed an organ transplant anti-rejection drug for unauthorized uses that resulted in millions of dollars in false claims to state and federal Medicaid programs.
“Wyeth pushed its employees to sell these drugs for uses that had not been proven to be safe and effective, which potentially put Illinois Medicaid patients’ health at risk,” Madigan said. 
The investigation resulted from actions filed in the U. S. District Courts for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and the Western District of Oklahoma under the federal False Claims Act and various state false claims statutes. The complaints alleged that Wyeth knowingly engaged in illegal marketing practices in its promotion of the prescription drug Rapamune, a kidney transplant drug prescribed to prevent a patient’s body from rejecting an organ donation.
The complaints allege that Wyeth encouraged its employees to market and sell Rapamune for so-called “off-label” uses, or uses that were not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), including treating liver transplants, despite an FDA warning advising against such use. The complaint alleges Wyeth also continued to market Rapamune for other non-renal transplant patients and for changes in drug therapies, which have not been found to be safe and effective.
Wyeth has agreed to pay the states and the federal government $257 million in civil damages and penalties, of which more than $60 million will go to state and federal Medicaid programs, including $5.5 million for Illinois’ program. Additionally, Wyeth has pled guilty in federal court in Oklahoma to violations of the U.S. Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, and has agreed to pay $233 million in criminal fines and forfeitures.
Wyeth was acquired by Pfizer Inc. in late 2009. The illegal marketing practices Wyeth settled with the states and federal government occurred prior to Pfizer’s acquisition of the company. Pfizer cooperated fully with the federal government and the states in the investigation.

ABC 7 Chicago presents a Special Edition of “Heart & Soul,” hosted by Charles Thomas and Evelyn Holmes, Saturday, August 10th at 6 P.M.

Posted by Admin On July - 31 - 2013 Comments Off on ABC 7 Chicago presents a Special Edition of “Heart & Soul,” hosted by Charles Thomas and Evelyn Holmes, Saturday, August 10th at 6 P.M.

ABC 7’s Charles Thomas and Evelyn Holmes will host the next installment of HEART & SOUL, a series of specials that tap into Chicago’s vibrant African American community; airing Saturday, August 10 at 6:00 pm.  Cheryl Burton and Jim Rose also contribute reports to this edition.  An encore presentation will air Sunday, August 18th at 4:30 pm on ABC 7.

HEART & SOUL is the winner of an Illinois Broadcasters Association’s “Best Public Affairs Program” award.

HEART & SOUL shines the spotlight on a budding “Mahalia Jackson,” who at the tender age of 12 has all the talent to become a star, according to her voice instructor.  Bronzeville’s own Mae Ya Carter Ryan was just an 8-year-old girl singing around the house when her mother realized there was something sensational about her daughter’s voice.  Mae Ya has sung at the Chicago Theater, DuSable Museum and even at this year’s Inaugural festivities in Washington, D.C.

Next up, a Downer’s Grove native said that she, like so many young girls, took ballet; but she never dreamed she could make a living at it.  Fast forward to the present.
Erica Lynette Edwards is one of the most senior dancers of the Joffrey Ballet.  HEART & SOUL looks at Erica’s amazing journey from ballet class to ballerina with a premier ballet company.

Then HEART & SOUL tracks the path of salesman turned champion of inner-city children.  Hear the story of Dwayne Bryant who left his corporate job to work with kids.  As founder of Vision International, Byrant not only serves as a motivational speaker for adults but helps implement intensive year-long programs to help students at many of Chicago’s toughest schools.

Jackie Taylor is known throughout Chicago’s arts community as the person who rose up and out of Cabrini Green housing projects to become a successful director, producer, actress and playwright.  Taylor founded the Black Ensemble Theater with the goal of diminishing racism.  HEART & SOUL will profile Jackie Taylor’s amazing story and give viewers a behind the scenes experience of performances from this acclaimed theater company.

Neal Sales-Griffin and Mike McGee started out as roommates at Northwestern University but kept their relationship and ideas going after graduation.  They are the brains behind The Starter League, one of the most successful ‘tech training programs’ around.  HEART & SOUL talks to this dynamic duo about how their concept manages to inspire the least tech-savvy person and transform their ideas into viable apps and websites.

Finally, HEART & SOUL highlights a group of five artists from the South Side who came together in 1968 to form AFRICOBRA in an effort to artistically promote Black pride.  H &S viewers get a chance to look at their new exhibition at the DuSable Museum of African American history.  Arlene Turner-Crawford, one of the members of AFRICOBRA whose work is on display at DuSable, talks about the impact of the art.

HEART & SOUL is featured on-demand at abc7chicago.com.
HEART & SOUL is produced by Holly Grisham and Rubye Wilson Lane.

Prosecutors secure 87-year sentence for former postal worker convicted in sexual assault

Posted by Admin On July - 31 - 2013 Comments Off on Prosecutors secure 87-year sentence for former postal worker convicted in sexual assault

A former postal worker charged with multiple counts of sexual assault was sentenced to 87 years in prison today in connection with the sexual assault of a Chicago teen in 2006, according to the Office of Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez.

Tommie Naylor, 45, of the 7900 block of South Yale in Chicago, was found guilty by a jury of six counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault and one count of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse in the May 2006 attack.

According to prosecutors, on May 10, 2006, the 16-year-old victim was waiting for a bus at 75th Street and Lafayette when Naylor pulled up in a vehicle and began blowing the horn in an attempt to get the victim’s attention.  When the victim did not respond, Naylor got out of the vehicle, threatened the victim with a screwdriver and forced her into the vehicle.  Naylor then drove a few blocks to an alley where he threatened to kill the victim and then sexually assaulted her.  After the attack, Naylor released the victim from the car.

The victim ran to a nearby house and was taken to the hospital where a sexual assault kit was completed.  In 2009, DNA from the rape kit was matched to Naylor and he was subsequently identified by the victim in a physical line-up.

Naylor was arrested July 1, 2009, at a postal sorting facility in Forest Park where he worked. 

Naylor was sentenced today by Judge Stanley Sacks to 87 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections which will run consecutive to the 40 years Naylor has already been sentenced to in an another sexual assault case that occurred in November of 2008.  Naylor has one additional pending case, which has a next court date of Aug. 8 in Room 602 at the Leighton Criminal Courts Building.

State’s Attorney Alvarez thanked Assistant State’s Attorneys Mary Jackovac and Megan Mulay for their work on this case.

New Book: A doctor’s prescription for health care reform spotlights support for Obamacare, gun control and eliminating racial health care disparities

Posted by Admin On July - 31 - 2013 Comments Off on New Book: A doctor’s prescription for health care reform spotlights support for Obamacare, gun control and eliminating racial health care disparities

Nashville, TN (BlackNews.com) — Rahn Kennedy Bailey, MD, DFAFP, the immediate past president of the National Medical Association, has announced the release of his first book that highlights the National Medical Association’s history of advocacy in health care.

Bailey made the announcement about his book this weekend at the National Medical Association Convention & Scientific Assembly in Toronto, Canada. The book is titled: A Doctor’s Prescription for Health Care Reform: The National Medical Association Tackles Disparities, Stigma and the Status Quo. (www.ADoctorsPrescription.org)

“As an African-American physician, I spent the last two decades of my career working to make the lives of people better,” Dr. Bailey said about his reason to write the book. “The more I’ve learned about health care in our country, the more I realized the need for operative change. I became acutely aware of the topics addressed through two-plus decades of work in hospitals, health care centers and assisting disadvantaged groups.”

The book examines long term struggles of addresses health care disparities among races and health stigmas in the African-American community, such as black’s view on mental illness. It also touches on hot button news topics of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and gun violence.

“The book takes a physician’s look at the Affordable Care Act and how it will affect the poor, minorities and others who feel they have been marginalized by the system,” Dr. Bailey said. “The ACA will become even more newsworthy in the next couple of years as it becomes fully implemented, as well as the ever changing impact of gun violence. I talk about why it is a medical issue.”

Dr. Bailey completed his term as the 113th president of the National Medical Association during the convention. Founded in 1895, the NMA is the largest organization of black physicians in the country. He said he hopes the book, which is a culmination of his more than 25 years in the medical field, will bring discussion of health care and need for reform to a higher level.

“This book is written by a physician who works with many patients the Affordable Care Act attempts to address,” Dr. Bailey said. “Those persons historically disenfranchised from access, have also been those most likely to receive inferior health care. I intend to give both professional and personal views about the current state of health care in the country.”

The book, published by WestBow Press in Bloomington, Ind., is a fundraiser for the National Medical Association and can be purchased on the website www.ADoctorsPrescription.org.

Photo Caption: Bookcover and author Dr. Rahn Kennedy Bailey, Immediate Past President, National Medical Association


A fun-filled night of musical headliners, excitement and entertainment will light up The ‘Show of Shows’ International Stage during Probation Challenge’s ‘Portrait of Achievers’ Awards Dinner at the Condesa del mar

Posted by Admin On July - 31 - 2013 Comments Off on A fun-filled night of musical headliners, excitement and entertainment will light up The ‘Show of Shows’ International Stage during Probation Challenge’s ‘Portrait of Achievers’ Awards Dinner at the Condesa del mar

Dynamic entertainment with a flare, musical drama and outstanding performances are on the ‘Show of Shows’ agenda featuring Marshall Thompson and The Chi-Lites, The Barrett Sisters with Tina Brown, Kevin Collins, Mitty Collier and Rap Artist Rappn Tate Da Great.

 All of these artists will perform on The International Stage during Probation Challenge’s 34th ‘Portrait of Achievers’ Awards Dinner, August 16, 2013, at the Condesa del mar, 12220 South Cicero Ave., Alsip, IL,  beginning at 7 p.m.  Attendees can enjoy a complete evening of dinner and entertainment for $50. Free parking is available.

Mitty Collier and Rap Artist Rappn Tate Da Great were recently added to Probation Challenge’s entertainment line-up agenda.

‘Portrait of Achievers’ Award recipients are Pastor Lottie Woods Hall, The Intercessory Center, Greenville, South Carolina, and  ‘Hall of Fame’ Award Recipient Marshall Thompson of The Chi-Lites,

The Rev. Harold E. Bailey is President of Probation Challenge and the PCC Internet Broadcast Network.

For more information and ticket reservations call: 773.978.3706.

AARP’s Statement and Video on Medicare’s 48th Anniversary

Posted by Admin On July - 31 - 2013 Comments Off on AARP’s Statement and Video on Medicare’s 48th Anniversary


Calls for commonsense solutions, not cuts to critical program


WASHINGTON, DC –  The AARP released the first in a “commonsense solutions” series of new videos on the 48th anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson signing Medicare into law on July 30, 1965. AARP’s Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond released the following statement with the video:

Medicare - Commonsense Solutions for Rx Drug Costs
Medicare – Commonsense Solutions for Rx Drug Costs

“As Medicare continues to provide access to health care for millions of seniors and those with disabilities, AARP is celebrating its 48 successful years and advocating for responsible, commonsense solutions that will strengthen the program by lowering drug costs, improving care coordination and cracking down on over-testing, waste and fraud. Nearly 50 million Americans-15 percent of the nation’s population, and growing-depend on Medicare for health security which is why AARP will continue our work to ensure that it is there for current and future generations.

“Medicare does face financial challenges, which is why AARP is calling for responsible, commonsense solutions that would help ensure Medicare’s continued success, including fair prescription drug prices and ridding Medicare of waste, fraud, and abuse .For example, AARP supports two bipartisan bills that would prevent drug companies from agreeing to delay consumers’ access to lower cost medications. AARP also supports bipartisan legislation that would crack down on fraud by targeting improper billing and increasing penalties for identity theft.

“Unfortunately, some in Washington are considering harmful proposals, including raising the Medicare age, adding new copays to lab test and home health service, and increasing deductibles. Americans deserve solutions that will reduce costs throughout the health care system, not cut benefits or force seniors to pay more.

“Recent changes in the new health law have improved Medicare by closing the coverage gap in the drug benefit, adding cost-free preventive benefits, and adding additional protections to curb fraud and abuse and extend the life of the Medicare Trust Fund. Seniors already have saved almost $4 billion in prescription drug discount savings.

“Medicare is a promise-a promise of health security for all Americans. For years, AARP has fought to protect and strengthen Medicare, and through You’ve Earned a Say, we’ll continue to make certain every American has an opportunity to amplify their voices. The promise of affordable, guaranteed access to health care that Medicare holds for millions of Americans is one that must be kept.”

AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, with a membership of more than 37 million, that helps people turn their goals and dreams into real possibilities, strengthens communities and fights for the issues that matter most to families such as healthcare, employment and income security, retirement planning, affordable utilities and protection from financial abuse. We advocate for individuals in the marketplace by selecting products and services of high quality and value to carry the AARP name as well as help our members obtain discounts on a wide range of products, travel, and services.  A trusted source for lifestyle tips, news and educational information, AARP produces AARP The Magazine, the world’s largest circulation magazine; AARP Bulletin; www.aarp.org; AARP TV & Radio; AARP Books; and AARP en Español, a Spanish-language website addressing the interests and needs of Hispanics. AARP does not endorse candidates for public office or make contributions to political campaigns or candidates.  The AARP Foundation is an affiliated charity that provides security, protection, and empowerment to older persons in need with support from thousands of volunteers, donors, and sponsors. AARP has staffed offices in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Learn more at www.AARP.org

Goodman Theatre gives away 1,700 tickets to The Jungle Book to community partners on two “Community Day” performances: July 23 and August 13

Posted by Admin On July - 31 - 2013 Comments Off on Goodman Theatre gives away 1,700 tickets to The Jungle Book to community partners on two “Community Day” performances: July 23 and August 13
Invitees include Social Service organizations, service men and women, first responders and more Chicago, IL –  On the heels of its successful July 23 “Community Day” event, Goodman Theatre adds a second dedicated “Community Day” performance of The Jungle Book on August 13 at 7:30pm to which all guests are invited free of charge. Between the two performances, the Goodman makes more than 1,700 tickets valued at approximately $125,000 available to nearly 20 Chicago community partners. Organizations invited to attend the August 13 “Community Day” event include Apna Ghar, Inc.; Austin Coming Together; Centro Romero; Children’s Home & Aid; High Jump; the military personnel and families of the United Service Organization of Illinois (USO); the 100 Club of Chicago (families of firefighters and police killed in the line of duty) and more. July 23 event attendees included After School Matters; Chicago Public Library; Chinese American Service League; Golden Apple Foundation; Hamdard Center; Fourth Presbyterian Church; Chicago Park District; The Primo Center for Women and Children; and St. Dorothy School. Guests were treated to festive pre-show music and drumming from the Kalapriya Center for Indian Performing Arts, followed by the performance, and left with a bag of The Jungle Book swag. Named the summer’s hot ticket by USA Today, The Jungle Book, adapted and directed by Mary Zimmerman, has been playing at 99% of capacity and is poised to become the best selling musical in Goodman Theatre history.

“‘Community Day’ is a special way to share the joy and magic of live theater with many of Chicago’s family audiences,” said Ruth Ann Gillis, Goodman Theatre Chairman. “The Jungle Book is a once-in-a-lifetime theatrical event. We are thrilled to make more tickets available through these additional performances so that more Chicago viewers can experience this show.”

The July 23 event marked many young attendees’ first visit to the Goodman—and their first live theater experience. Elizabeth McChesney, Director, Children and Young Adult Services for Chicago Public Library (which partners with the Goodman on “Jungle Book Days,” part of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s STEAM “Summer of Learning”), noted that many children from the various branches arrived at the theater with library copies of The Jungle Book in hand.

“One young girl from the Lawndale community exclaimed to her librarian at the start of the production, ‘they’re real people!’; she had no idea that this form of magic could happen! One little boy from the Budlong Woods community told his mother that it was the best day of his life,” said McChesney. “The connection between the printed page and stage was meaningful and memorable for 348 very appreciative library summer learners—all of whom are excited to see their friends from the theater again at the STEAM program in branch libraries.”

Mary Ellen Caron, Chief Executive Officer of After School Matters, noted, “Very few of our teens have attended a live production outside of school, and The Jungle Book—its performances, sets, lighting and costume design—was sophisticated yet accessible, and absolutely spectacular. The Goodman is a jewel in our city, and ‘Community Day’ was a great way to introduce the Goodman to our students.”

Added Rebecca Chacon, Director of Youth Programs and Services for Hamdard Center for Health and Human Services, “When I asked our students what their favorite part of The Jungle Book was, they replied ‘the whole thing’! This was truly an amazing day for our students, who would not have had the opportunity to experience a show like this otherwise. It was a moment that they will not forget soon!”

The Goodman is grateful to its generous “Community Day” supporters, without whom the events would not be possible. Leadership Sponsor for all education and community engagement programming around The Jungle Book is the Efroymson Family Fund. Sponsors for the July 23 event include Contributing Sponsor Marsh Private Client Services; Event Sponsors AAR Corp. and the Miriyala Family Fund of The DuPage Community Foundation; Community Day Partner Deborah A. Bricker; and Community Day Supporters Harry and Marcy Harczak. PepsiCo is the Lead Community Day Sponsor for the August 13 event.

Photo Caption: Children from Chicago Park District at the July 23 “Community Day” event at Goodman Theatre.
Photo by John Reilly Photography)

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