Hunger Strike for Healthcare issues August 1, 2013 at Our Lady of Guadalupe Anglican Mission

An Open Letter to Illinois legislators and administrators from the Moratorium on Deportations Campaign

To Illinois Legislators and administrators of UIC Medical Center, Christ Medical Center, Northwestern Medical Center, Illinois Masonic Medical Center and Others: We, the family members and friends of patients that are in need of a transplant have started a hunger strike today. We have taken this extreme measure because Chicago hospitals have refused to add our loved ones to their transplant lists because they lack immigration status and because they lack insurance.

Most of these patients are either receiving dialysis or are dependent on medication to stabilize their illness. We have been told there is no financial assistance for a transplant for uninsured patients. We find this to be unjust and inhumane. We cannot sit and wait until our loved ones die. We ask you to meet with the hunger strikers and hear their testimonies at a public meeting with officials and hospital administrators.

This meeting will take place on Thursday, August 1st at 6PM at Our Lady of Guadalupe Anglican Mission, 3442 W 26th Street in Chicago. We ask that you work with the hunger strikers and with Dr. David Ansel from Rush Medical Center to ensure life-saving treatment for all the patients. We will not end the hunger strike until the following demands are met: 1. A concrete system is established to evaluate each case and then place patients on a waiting list for a transplant based on need and not legal or financial status. 2. Policies are established that ensure affordable medicine for waitlist candidates before and after transplant.

For more information, contact: Fr. Jose S. Landaverde 773-512-8015.


The family and friends of patients in need of a transplant. Lista de Huelga de Hambre •Maria De El Carmen Garcia •Maria Garcia •Juan Balbuena •Chris Hernandez •Heriberto Balbuena •Veronica Rivera •Tania Reyna •Maria Galvez •Lorena Galvez •Blanca Gomes •Padre; Jose S. Landaverde •Rev. Luis Alvarenga •Vanessa Jauregui •Rosa Gomez •Leticia Hes Peninal •Osbeidy Rivery PATIENTS IN NEED OF TRANSLPANTS •Lorenzo Arroyo (LIVER) •Martin Hernandez (KIDNEY) •Marisol Rivera (KIDNEY) •Blanca Gomez (KIDNEY) •Isidrio Secundino(KIDNEY) •Maria Isabel Mariano (LIVER) •Marcos Noe Garcia (KIDNEY) •Sarai Rodriguez (LIVER) •Gustavo Galvez (KIDNEY) •Juana H. Rodriguez (KIDNEY) •Teodora Toyalo (KIDNEY).

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