We must stop jiving with our youth and give them a big dose of spiritual honesty

It’s past the time that we should give our youth a dose of truth and honesty. Many of us have failed to minister to them the presets ordered by God… Where was the biblical-manual?


By Rev. Harold Bailey

President of Probation Challenge/PCC Broadcast Network

A Weekly Column to CopyLine Magazine 

The raw biblical truth is: Youth emulate that which they see! Question is, what in our day-to-day lives have they seen that has caused many of our youth to go astray? It’s time for us to re-evaluate and make sure that we are in keeping with the bible-manual that was given when the child was conceived! If we don’t stop and re-evaluate … the worst is yet to come!

I’ve been asked time and time again in my work with Probation Challenge, do I ever grow tired of trying to help our youth in constructive and corrective measures. My response has always been that I’ve never given being tired a serious thought. You see, when given this mission, I always knew that my Lord and Savior would go before me and He would make a successful way for me. However, I was forewarned that the road would not be easy, nor was it easy for the Lord who we the believer seeks to emulate.

Now, having said that, our youth must understand that ‘all that we do on this earthly planet’ is to please God, who is our Master… and not to please man!

Often the question comes to mind: Is the Master satisfied with me? Do we speak and seek to save the souls of youth as Christ did? Do we leave the comforts of our homes, churches, establishments, to go after the ‘lost’ sheep (murders, peace breakers etc) …and then, as God commands, do we put the lost sheep on our shoulder and return it to the fold? Ah, but this smells like work! Yes, this all constitutes hard and dedicated work! And in the vineyard of life there is a great deal of work to be done – especially with some of our hard-headed youth!

Well now, dealing with our youth can be a bit much unless we’ve been given the assignment to recoup them from God! I would tell anyone, don’t foolishly toy with our youth unless you have the permission from God. Why, because Satan will fool you out there… out of your spiritual zone… and knock your head into a hellish ground. Satan is not playing with us… we are only playing with ourselves.

It takes the mind of God to change the minds and hearts of not only youth, but all people! And we should remember that God is a heart fixer and certainly a mind regulator. And, the heart is desperately wicked – who can know it but God.

Friday, August 16, 2013, in a very brief message, I will reveal to many and remind others that there is a way out of the troubled situation with young men and now women. I invite you to come and break bread with us both spiritual and natural. There are solutions… let’s remind ourselves.

Rev. Harold E. Bailey, Founder and President, Probation Challenge.org – The Truth Network

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