A film to help move past fear of talking about race

“Racial Taboo” Uses History, Comedy and Candid Interviews to Help Viewers Have a Meaningful Conversation About Race

Wilmington, NC (BlackNews.com) — Wave Communications is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the feature-length documentary Racial Taboo. This film was produced with the express purpose of providing people with a common experience that enables conversations about race. The entire film will be available in several formats including streaming for stationary and mobile devices, Blu-ray Disk(TM) and DVD disks. Racial Taboo will be available to the public on September 5th 2013. The film’s trailer can be viewed at http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001c741i1VPFcuvYRiAGH3eV90eRPbwUB7tX7PC6isnXvI13xfuVDTyu1iUSH5-wgVNZgXmPOMS13yF6YcD402ILzLK1HueC1Tp3aqYkOIKorLVza1Q0ah31Q==.

Racial Taboo is a film that is intended to be watched at the same time by people of different races. Numerous test screenings have shown it to be very effective at breaking down barriers to conversations about race. It looks at such concepts as: White Privilege, the biological basis of fear, and how the media perpetuates race-based fear and distrust.

It also looks at how the current generation of youth is affected by not knowing its history and how our history still affects us today. Ultimately, the film encourages us to explore our own prejudices and broaden our minds and our relationships.

“This is a very personal film,” said Director Brian Grimm. “I am certainly no expert on racial issues, but as a White middle-aged conservative male, I wanted to understand why I was so fearful about having racial conversations with Black people.” Grimm continued, “There are very few subjects that are as sensitive as the subject of race. I encourage everyone to have an open mind and take this fifty-three minute journey.”

Additional Information
You can view the Racial Taboo trailer at http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001c741i1VPFcuvYRiAGH3eV90eRPbwUB7tX7PC6isnXvI13xfuVDTyu1iUSH5-wgVNZgXmPOMS13yF6YcD402ILzLK1HueC1Tp3aqYkOIKorLVza1Q0ah31Q==. If you find the trailer informative please Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at @RacialTaboo #RacialTaboo