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Jesse White brings office services to Taste of Chicago

Posted by Admin On July - 9 - 2013 Comments Off on Jesse White brings office services to Taste of Chicago

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is reminding the public that they can renew their driver’s license or state ID card, purchase their annual vehicle license plate sticker, or conduct other transactions with his office at the Secretary of State’s Taste of Chicago booth from July 10-14, 2013.

White’s office will provide services from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., except on Sunday, July 14th when hours are 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The mobile unit will be located at Grant Park, near Columbus Drive and Congress Parkway.

“In partnership with the city of Chicago, I am pleased to provide driver services as a convenience to the people at the Taste of Chicago,” said White. “Motorists will be able to renew their driver’s license while enjoying the great restaurants and entertainment that the city has to offer.”

Services provided at the Secretary of State mobile unit include:

  • Driver’s license: renewal, correction or change of address
  • State ID card: new, renewal, correction or change of address
  • Vehicle Sticker sales
  • Vehicle Title and Registration
  • Passenger, B-truck, Motorcycle and Specialty license plates
  • Parking Placards for Persons with Disabilities Program
  • Pick-a-plate program
  • Motor Voter Registration
  • Organ/Tissue Donor Registration

Proper documentation is required for all transactions. Acceptable forms of payment include personal checks, cash, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit and debit cards.

Pfleger prays for Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. who is heartbroken over son

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By Chinta Strausberg

Sunday’s Saint Sabina worship service saw a diverse group of visitors seeking spiritual guidance and prayer from Father Michael L. Pfleger including 18 priests from China, Chicago Bears J. Marcus Webb and the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. who after receiving prayer from Pfleger knelt at the altar for a private moment with God.

Father Pfleger had a myriad of guests Sunday including 18 priests from China, gospel artist Javen who sang his latest CD, “Worshiper in Me,” NFL star J. Marcus Webb, the internationally known singer Walter “Walt” Whitman who was once the choir director at Saint Sabina and who sang “God Is,” and the Rev. Jackson who came to promote his 42nd annual international convention being held through July 10, 2013 at the Chicago Hilton & Towers, 720 S. Michigan Avenue.

But Rev. Jackson also asked for a special prayer for his family as he goes through a storm involving his son, former Rep. Jesse L. Jackson, Jr., who pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges and misusing $750,000 in campaign funds along with his wife, Sandi, who is being sentenced for filing false joint tax returns. They are to be sentenced on August 14, 2013.

Offering a prayer for Rev. Jackson and his family, Pfleger said, “All of that you’re going through, you are not going through alone. We stand with him and we love him,” he said of Jackson.

A grateful Jackson praised Father Pfleger saying, “He has a heart” and is a “peacemaker. The warriors want to stop him, those who make guns want to stop him, those who make bullets who want to stop him, those who make bullets want to stop him, and those who sell drugs want to stop him.” Pfleger, Jackson said, “fights the jealousies…. Father Pfleger’s faith is with works and it is alive….” He said Saint Sabina “is the most effective church” in the world.

Saying slavery is a bad system, Jackson said what is worse is to adjust to it. “We need to revive the war on poverty,” said Jackson. “We are closing hospitals. We are closing bus services…schools. We should not surrender. The South Side should look like the North Side….”

Jackson denounced the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent 5-to-4 ruling that struck down a section of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that now allows mostly southern states to change their election laws without advance federal approval. Jackson accused the Court of “taking back what we won the battle field.” “We ain’t going back, ”he bellowed.

Rev. Jackson also talked about the 2,000 churches that are in foreclosure. “Homes are in foreclosure….  Stop closing hospitals…schools….”

In promoting his convention, Jackson said, “In 1963, the governor of Mississippi said to the white players you cannot play against a black team in Chicago. That night, they slipped out of town…” and came to Chicago. They played against Loyola.

At7 p.m. Tuesday, July 9th,PUSH is holding a 50th anniversary of the “Game of Change” and is honoring the surviving team members of the 1963 game between Loyola University and Mississippi State University and other athletes.

Father Pfleger asked the church to stretch out their hands to Rev. Jackson as he prayed for him. Pfleger spoke of Jackson’s legacy of fighting to “knock on doors… fighting for equal playing fields….” Pfleger said though Rev. Jackson’s heart is heavy over his son’s legal state, he continues to “speak up and speak up, fight and continue to be a light in the darkness and salt in the sea….continue to demand justice….”

Pfleger asked the church to pray for Rev. Jackson and his family and “lift up his name before the throne of God and to thank God for his witness…. Let them feel your presence of God…and peace” for this embattled family. Pfleger prayed, “Do not touch my anointed…. Continue to use him, God because we need his voice. We need his courage. We need his strength…” and through his storm “he’ll still wave the banner of truth….”

Earlier, saying something switched in me,” Father Pfleger changed the topic of his sermon, “Lessons from a younger brother,” and instead talked about seeking healing and blessings now rather than waiting for a sign. Referring to John: 5 about a man who wanted to be healed but everybody got in front of him, Pfleger said Jesus told the man to “pick up your mat and walk.”

After making an altar call, Father Pfleger looked over the hundreds of people who responded telling them, “Let the devil know that you’re not intimidated. Let the devil know we ain’t waiting no more….”

Explaining, Pfleger said, “There was a ritual that the angel would come and trouble the waters and when the angels would trouble the waters, those who first got in would receive the healing, the blessing or the deliverance from God, but that is Old Testament mentality…. Moses waited for the water to be parted and then he stepped in but then Joshua came along and God said stop waiting for the water, step in the water and your faith would trouble the water and give you what you are looking for.

“I’ve been in church long enough to realize that there are too many people waiting on God to bust a move…waiting on God to break open that financial problem…waiting on God to heal that tumor…waiting on God to bring peace in the city….”

As the choir sang, “Break Every Chain,” Pfleger asked for 25 people who have enough faith in themselves to believe they are of the Joshua movement…that “they can bring their miracles…healing down” right now. He told them to shout out, “I ain’t waiting no more…. Jesus asked the question, do you want to be healed”

“I’m tired of folk so paralyzed by religion that you are waiting…for God to bust a move…. Stop looking for man, woman for the mayor, the governor to make our city peaceful. We don’t need the mayor, the governor. We just need the spirit of God,” he bellowed.

“I’m tired of 67 people being shot. I’m tired of some of you having to go through hell waiting on God to bust a move,” said Pfleger.  “Religion has twisted our minds to wait for a bye and bye.” He’s looking for believers who believe in miracles right now.

Turning to Pat and Brandon who are former gang leaders now peacemakers in the Auburn Gresham community, Pfleger said, “Religion has twisted our minds to make us think we got to wait for some sweet bye and bye.” He told Pat and Brandon, “We don’thave to wait for violence to stop on the streets. We can stop the violence in the streets…. We can do this thing.

“You guys came out of gangs and now you’re the leaders who speak to them, address then and call peace,” said Pfleger. “I looked at the shootings all over this city but none happen in this neighborhood…because you guys are out there bringing peace and we’ve declared in this neighborhood we will not tolerate shooting so we have peace here. I know what God can do.”

Pfleger asked those at the altar to turn to the North declaring “Peace be still. Violence cease. In the name of Jesus.” He asked them to turn to the West, to the South commanding, “peace be still in Jesus’ name” and to the East facing the mural of Jesus.  He asked them to speak the word peace turning around in all directions.

Saying the devil will try to steal that declaration from you a soon as you leave church, Pfleger said, ‘The devil can’t defeat you…. I want to seal that word in you, plant it in you in the good seed of worship so that it won’t be taken or stolen…. “

For those who decide they are not waiting anymore for their miracles, Pfleger said it’s time out for the “pity partying, complaining about what you ain’t got. You ain’t got it because you didn’t go after it with your faith and demand it. Put a demand on God. You have not because you ask not….” Pfleger asked them, “Do you want to be healed…your breakthrough…your miracle, now”? Ending the altar call, he asked them to hug three people and to repeat, “It is done.” The choir sang, “There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain” as those prayed around the altar

Earlier, Sam Williams, Jr., Saint Sabina’s Selah youth choir director, Sunday announced the 20th annual youth concert, “It’s Turning Around,” which will be held onSunday, July 14, 2013, 3:30 p.m. at the Third Baptist Church of Chicago, 1551West 95th Street, Chicago, Il where Dr. Alan V. Ragland is pastor.

 The concern is being held under the direction of Rev. Kelly Tiebout and Mr. Sam Williams, Jr. featuring the Third Baptist Church of Chicago Youth Choir and The Faith Community of Saint Sabina including The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Citizen Musicians Project.

Tickets are $10.00 and proceeds will go to benefit the TBC Education Grand Program & The Faith Community of Saint Sabina. Tickets are available at Saint Sabina’s Office Rectory, 1210 W. 78th Place, Chicago, IL. To reserve your tickets before picking them up, call: 773.483.4300.

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host. You can e-mail Strausberg at: Chintabernie@aol.com.

Rescue Truck Runs Over One of Victims Ejected from Asiana Airlines Plane Crash; Two Pilots in Training on Tragic Saturday Flight to San Francisco in Control

Posted by Admin On July - 9 - 2013 Comments Off on Rescue Truck Runs Over One of Victims Ejected from Asiana Airlines Plane Crash; Two Pilots in Training on Tragic Saturday Flight to San Francisco in Control
(An Update to Yesterday’s Article – From Clifford Law Offices) 
Clifford Law Offices has learned that one of the Chinese girls ejected from the plane in the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 who died was run over by a fire truck during the ensuing rescue efforts on the ground at San Francisco International Airport Saturday.  The coroner is still working on the autopsy, senior partner Robert Clifford has learned from aviation experts.
 Another disturbing fact has been revealed that two of the captains in the cockpit were undergoing training and had no previous experience landing a Boeing 777 at SFO prior to Saturday’s tragic crash that left two Chinese teenage girls dead and dozens more injured, some of them very seriously.  Two experienced pilots were in the jump seats during the landing, sources have told Clifford.

Clifford has learned that the two captains, including the captain commandeering the aircraft in the Initial Operating Experience (left seat) had never flown that type of aircraft into SFO prior to this flight.  The autopilot was disengaged and the pilots were executing the descent that included pulling the throttle back into the flight idle mode; there was discussion in the cockpit about being slow upon approach and the pilots tried to correct it, but it was too late, Clifford has learned.

The Boeing 777 aircraft does not have an aural low-airspeed alert for pilots, something that was recommended by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) 10 years ago after Sen. Paul Wellstone (D-Minn) died in a fatal crash and again after the 2009 Colgan Airlines fatal crash in Buffalo, New York.  Boeing added aural low-airspeed alerting to its 737 cockpit options after the fatal 2009 Turkish Airlines crash but has yet to do so for its 777 fleet.  Clifford Law Offices’ aviation attorneys have been leading counsel in both of these air crashes on behalf of victims and their families.

Attorneys at Clifford Law Offices have a great deal of experience with plane crashes involving the Boeing, particularly upon landing, and are available to speak to the press regarding pertinent issues regarding Saturday’s crash of Asiana Airlines in San Francisco.
 To speak with one of the partners, please call Clifford Law Offices’ Pamela Menaker at 847-251-4877 or 847-721-0909 or 312-899-9090 or pammenaker@cliffordlaw.com.  

The City of Chicago is “cheating” me out of my hard-earned money

Posted by Juanita Bratcher On July - 9 - 2013 Comments Off on The City of Chicago is “cheating” me out of my hard-earned money


The City of Chicago’s Department of Finance  is forcing me to pay money I do not owe


By Juanita Bratcher

It’s enough to pay a bill for something you owe – of course that is not looked upon as a problem being that you are obligated in some way to pay it, whether through contract obligations, service provided, etc. But it is wrong and unfair to be forced to pay a bill for something that you know is not owed and you are being threatened to pay up or face the seizure of your car. That’s a bit hard to swallow!

I received a letter from the City of Chicago concerning two parking altercations – one for a red light violation, which never happened – and a method which has drawn much criticism from drivers over the years; and another one that was ticketed, they say, for a parking violation. The car was in a valid parking space.

The Letter, which was received in the mail yesterday (7/8/13) noted at the top of the page “Vehicle Seizure Notice”, City of Chicago Department of Finance, “Reflects payments as of 6/29/13”, listed a fee of $390.40. This amount of money for supposedly two traffic altercations that never happened. Can you imagine that? I can’t.

In my many years of driving I’ve maintained an excellent driving record – no driving infractions. And that record remains intact as of now. Further, as a cautious driving “old lady” there’s no way I would run a red light and park in a location that was illegal. I’m sure there are other drivers that adhere to that same policy.

However, I admit that I didn’t meet my responsibility in the matter. When I realized that the tickets were there (and I thought it was the same one being sent again, and not for two alleged altercations), I had missed the deadline to go in for a hearing and challenge what was being stated in the letter. Nonetheless, I realize why the date eluded me – when you’re concentrating your attention mostly on the health needs of a close family member who had two strokes and several seizures, some other things go unnoticed. Maybe if the altercations had been challenged in the beginning, circumstances would have been different.

I’m aware that this article is personal in nature. And I know it will not stop me from paying money to the City of Chicago that I do not owe. But it’s not a good feeling to know that there’s only one alternative in a situation like this – pay for something regardless of whether it is actually owed or not to get it behind you. The city is ready to seize my car worth thousands of dollars for a $390.40 fee I do not owe – regardless of my innocence in the matter.

CNN Special Commentary Part 1: Responding to Racism is Not Reverse Racism

Posted by Admin On July - 9 - 2013 Comments Off on CNN Special Commentary Part 1: Responding to Racism is Not Reverse Racism

By H. Lewis Smith

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — On Monday, July 1, 2013, CNN aired the special program “N-word vs ‘Cracker’: Which Is Worse?” hosted and moderated by Don Lemon. The segment stemmed from the George Zimmerman trial, coming as a result of the prosecution’s star witness’ claim that the late Mr. Trayvon Martin told her a “creepy ass ‘cracker’” was following him just moments before his life was unrightfully taken. The defense attorney deftly took what Trayvon Martin was purportedly to have called Zimmerman – a “creepy ass cracker” – and successfully turned it into reverse racism. The use of the term “cracker” caused a fast and furious fallout throughout White America, raising the question over which term is most offensive – cracker or n**ger – and prompting the discussion of what is racism?

In listening to this televised debate, it was realized that some may believe that the word “cracker” is equally as derogatory, demeaning, and dehumanizing as the n-word (n**ger/n**ga).Even though arguments were had concerning the racial offensiveness of the term “cracker”, the unequivocal and unanimous consensus of the CNN panel was that “cracker” is not on the same plane by any means as the n-word given each term’s history, meaning, and purpose. [To be clear, “n**ga” was undeniably meant to be racially offensive and dehumanizing, and was not based on the job/authority of the slave whipper (which is the origin of the word “cracker”).]

The defense attorney’s ability to take Mr. Martin’s use of the term “cracker” and turn it into a racist comment brought to light the question of whether or not black people can be racist? This question strongly resonated with the American public and has given great cause to address the issue of racism, and its relationship in the Black community.

While it’s clear that when other races use the n-word it’s an issue of racism, deliberate efforts have been taken to refrain from making use of the n-word a racist issue in past commentaries. Instead, diligent care is taken to focus efforts of eradicating use of the n-word by the Black community, and helping blacks see the slights being caused by their own hand within their own community by referring to one another as “n**gas”. Frankly, Black Americans’ self-internalization of the n-word is an issue all unto itself that must be addressed and fixed if Black America is to stand strongly, united, and effectively to fight the issue of racism external to the community. However, as a result of the CNN special, the denigrating question “which is worse?”, and the manner in the discussion even came to be, an exception is being made in this case and racism will be given the attention it warrants.

To raise such a question of which term is more offensive is an invidious comparison and is really a slap in the face to the Black/African-American community. Until the Zimmerman trial, “cracker” was just another word, albeit one that can be contextualized in a derogatory fashion. Redneck, honky, poor white trash are all derogatory terms, but are they racist terms?

Redneck and poor white trash are terms that originated amongst whites and when used by non-whites can take on a derogatory slant. Honky was ascribed to whites by black slaves – and literally means “red-eared person” or “white person” in the West African language Wolof, but is it racism? Up to the Zimmerman trial, white people have never reacted in an ethnocentric fashion over a word attributed to them – except during the 60s when the Nation of Islam ascribed “Blue Eyed Devil” to white folks. Cracker, redneck, and honky were just words but the term “Blue Eyed Devil” touched a nerve. Even Indians referred to the white man as “paleface” and as one who speaks with a fork tongue. But in any of these cases, can the minority groups really be considered racists? To answer the question, it is important to define, understand, and analyze what racism means exactly.

Firstly, racism is an unnatural demeanor invented by white people and did not exist until the enslavement of blacks. Racism is a power relationship between two groups. To be a racist, “one” group must have power and wealth to exact injustice upon “another” group. Black people have not been able to come together to deprive or hurt another group and, thus, are not in a position to even practice racism. Some will argue that Minister Farrakhan is a racist but he IS NOT; rather, as opposed to kowtowing, going along just to get along, or being submissive to paternalism, he is reacting to unwarranted bigotry and oppression. Farrakhan and no other Black American is in a position to be a racist. In the following video clip, Richard Pryor is not practicing racism, but is “reacting” to racism as opposed to being “submissive”: www.hulu.com/watch/1477

For more than five centuries, racism has legitimized assassinations, massacres and genocides. The doctrine of White Supremacy has demonized, brutalized and dehumanized non-whites of the earth. Racism has been the global driving force behind the dispossession of continents and the destruction of civilizations and the extermination of an entire people.

Despite the long struggle against racism, it continues to pollute people’s mental environment. Its enduring potency insures that people are denied opportunities, justice and human rights. Key institutions stay racially monolithic, and racial privilege endures as the recent Supreme Court decision on the Voting Rights Bill validates this truth.

The 1638 Maryland Doctrine of Exclusion became, and still is in this 21st century, the doctrine of racism towards black people. As such, when black people go along just to get along, accepting the notion being advanced to them that when they react to racism that the “reaction” itself can be construed as reverse racism, is inaccurate and misleading and must always be rejected.

Other than the word n**ger, perhaps, the only other word in the English language that’s as infamous and profane would be the term racist – not “cracker”. The histories between these two words pretty much coincide, like hand and glove. To call a white person a racist today is almost as bad as calling an African-American n**ger/n**ga – both words remind each of their pasts and bring to light all of the negative feelings, struggle and strife experienced during a time of inequality, injustice, and inhumanity. It can be very injurious and hurtful to a white person to erroneously be labeled a racist, as both racist and the n-word are volatile terms. Neither the n-word (n**ga) or the term racist should be used as loosely as both are today.

A bit of advice to White America relative to those Black Americans who use the n-word: The Black community is divided on the use of the insidious word n**ger/n**ga, a problem that Black America is going to have to work out for itself without any outside interference. Some non-blacks are genuinely concerned but the last thing they should do is get in the middle of something that their white forefathers created.

Whether non-blacks are discouraging and/or encouraging blacks about the use of the n-word, they are better served by simply being spectators. Some white people are making the egregious error of verbalizing the desire to use the n-word, using the excuse that if blacks are doing it why should the term be off limits to them? The larger question, though, is why are whites fanning the flames of racism by voicing such a desire? Two types of people use the n-word – racist people and those with an 18th century slave mentality. Respectable and honorable people, blacks and non-blacks alike, refrain from such usage.

Plainly, to call a black person racist is nonsense. Although Mr. Martin’s comment may seem offensive to White Americans, Mr. Martin’s was a response out of fear and frustration to the extreme racism/racial profiling and prejudiced he was experiencing in those final moments of life. Mr. Martin was truly being treated like a “n**ga” for absolutely no reason at all; this situation in itself proves the truth that racism does still exist in America, and if the old ghosts of the past are to be buried once and for all, this unfair treatment of Black people must all come to an end, and Black America must also stop being complicit in their self-negation of labeling themselves as the n-word (n**ga). Though you may not personally use the term, but condone use of it by others you are equally complicit.

In Part II or the second installment of this discussion, use of the n-word (n**ga) and those who participated on the CNN panel as invited guests will be discussed as their selection is most curious as well as their input.

H. Lewis Smith is the founder and president of UVCC, the United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc. (www.theunitedvoices.com); and author of “Bury that Sucka: A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word”. Follow H. Lewis Smith on Twitter: www.twitter.com/thescoop1

Pfleger:‘Tweeting, texting are good but without resources, it’s a band-aid’

Posted by Admin On July - 9 - 2013 Comments Off on Pfleger:‘Tweeting, texting are good but without resources, it’s a band-aid’

Saint Sabina offers 1,000 summer jobs to youth

By Chinta Strausberg

Disturbed about the 74 people shot and 12 killed over the weekend and acknowledging the idea of using social media to provide police with crime tips, Father Michael L.Pfleger Monday night said the only thing that will stem the violence is to find ways to “impact the lives of these young brothers on the street” otherwise, “we’re not going to make any real changes.”

One former gang leaders blamed the violence on youth who are called “hitters” because their only aspiration is to be known as someone who goes out and kills someone. He says that is their claim to fame in the ‘hood.

Flanked by members of the Saint Sabina Basketball Peacemakers team who were playing in the championship game, Pfleger told reporters he has 1,000 jobs to offer youth. “We’ve been trying to do (that) here since last September 15thwith the Peace League.

“We started out with the Peace Tournament (held on September 21, 2012) then went to a Peace League with 2-12 week sessions.” Monday night was the championship game where the Blue team defeated the Orange Team in a score of 31-21.

“We’ve been trying to pull brothers and sisters together, meet each other on the court and on the street, build relationships with each other and then see how we can offer jobs and internships in different businesses as well as to get them back in school,” said Pfleger.

“Our job at Saint Sabina is to try to bring brothers together, brush the dust off their dreams and help their future. That is what we’ve committed to. We believe that until we do that everything else out here will be a band-aid,” Father Pfleger said.

One of the street leaders called on gangs to put their guns down and to stop shooting. Brandon, one of several former gang leaders who now works with Pfleger to keep peace in the Auburn Gresham community, said they are working towards the path of peace. Curtis, one of the street peace organizers blame some of the violenceon the actions of Chicago “hitters” youth they feel have lost all hope and only live to kill human beings. That is their glory.

Curtis, 35, a former gang leader in the Auburn Gresham community and a father of four, painted a bleak picture of gang life in Chicago but credits his success to Father Pfleger. “Father Mike came and got me. I was actually one of the gangleaders here in this community.

“The big thing you can do now in Chicago right now is to be a hitter. A hitter is a

person who goes out and shoots people. That is their aspiration. They don’t have an aspiration to be a doctor, a lawyer, a school teacher or anything because they feel those things are unattainable,” Curtis told reporters. “What can be attained for popularity reasons is that I can be a hitter. I can be known as somebody who goes out and kill people. That is what they are striving to be, and it’s terrible.”

Father Pfleger said it’s time to stop calling youth gangbangers. “We’ve got to stop calling our brothers gangbangers…gang members because if we keep calling themthat, that is what they become. These are ballplayers here and they have names.”

Asked about the city’s claim that crime is down, Pfleger said the statistics “may be getting great but it doesn’t feel like that out here in the neighborhood. People are still afraid out here. Lives are still in danger out here. None of these brothers want to go out here shooting. Everybody here wants two things,education and a job and a future…the same thing I want and everybody out here in the street want.” Pfleger said 95 percent of the brothers want jobs and aneducation.

“This summer Saint Sabina is going to hire over 1,000 people from the community to give them jobs because we believe money in your pocket that we offer you is a whole lot better than trying to make money out on the street because there isno money to be made out on the street.

“We’vegot to make a difference. We got to let these brothers know we care about them;so we open up our gym, get them jobs and an education,” said Pfleger. Jobs, he said, is what they want.

Referring to Senator Mark Kirk who announced he wanted to lock up 18,000 gang members because of the violence, Pfleger said, “Instead of spending all of that money and put them in prison and make prisons rich, give them jobs. Give them an education. Give them a possibility, a future. That is all we want.”

Pfleger said the shooting in the Auburn Gresham community is down. “It’s not happening here because we are committed to make peace on our streets here.”

Asked by this writer if the Saint Sabina formula of peace could work citywide, Curtis, a former gang leader, said, “Education and economics is the way to peace.” “None of these young men or women have been to any gun ranges to be trained to shoot, but the big question is where are they getting these, weapons of mass destruction from to come into our community. If there is a lack of finance, then how are the finances being distributed in order to buy these high caliberweapons? That is what we need to look into,” said Curtis.

After a very aggressive game between the orange and the blue teams, which had embossed on their shirts, “The Beloved Community” and “Peacemakers,” the Blue team won31-21.

A member of the orange team, Bernard Hillard, 23, who works for the city of Chicago called the game “thrilling. We came up short, but it was still fun. I enjoyed myself playing.”

After the championship game, Father Pfleger held a “Peacemakers Awards” dinner hosted by The Beloved Community at the Saint Sabina Academy, 7801 South Throop St., where all the teams and their families ate a hearty meal and the coaches of the teams received trophies and certificates of  achievement. Also three players won an essay contest on how the peace league affected their lives.

There, Father Pfleger thanked The Beloved Community for their participation. Pfleger announced that he has justreceived funding for additional games and promised the games would continue throughout the year.

Pfleger said it is possible that a football team will be sponsoring the 2-12 week and the 6-week leagues after September, but he won’t know for sure until Thursday.This writer is withholding the name of that team until it is official.

While the mission of the Peacemakers is getting to know each other, build relationships on the court “but also who needs a job, who needs to get back in school, get their GED. Basketball is the purpose…but we want to help you, to serve you, how we can help you fulfill your dreams and achieve what you want to achieve. That is what we’re about here.”

Saying he been in the community for 38-years, Pfleger said, “My main concern is to build up this community. We’ve got to have peace. We’ve got to stop the shooting out here…. We’ve had some real opportunities. We brought in BJ’s. We brought in Walgreens. We brought in the skating rink. We had another company ready to come in and build…Garrett Popcorn…. They pulled back because of the statistics of violence.

“We can’t bring our business in bringing  jobs and development as long as there are statistics they feel are too dangerous to build businesses,” Pfleger explained.“We have made a big difference in this community. You have made a difference,”he said especially Pat, Kurt, Juan and Brandon who are former gang leaders nowworking with Pfleger’s PeaceMakers.

Pfleger said there are other organizations reaching out to be a part of his peacemaker’s movement. “We want to make the community safe…. We don’t want you to stay in the house. We want you to feel safe walking down the street.”

Thanking the Nation of Islam for providing security for the games, Pfleger said, “We’ve done this with no police. We told the police we didn’t want them. We wanted to run this ourselves…peace in the gym.”

Pfleger announced on Saturday, August 3rd there will be a Nike Clinic. He also going to have football game in October and the street leaders are putting together a softball tournament in August.

On Friday, September 20th, Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose and Joakim Noahwill conduct a gun turn-in at Saint Sabina with Rose giving out a free pair of Adidas shoes to everyone who turns in a gun. “The more resources we can bring in the more we can bring to you,” Pfleger told the ballplayers and their families.

On Saturday, September 21st, Pfleger said he will be holding a big tournament where Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose, Thomas Nixon, Joakim Noah, Isiah Thomas, a retired basketball icon have signed on to this event which will be sponsored by Adidas shoes who will also buy the uniforms.

During the awards ceremony at the Saint Sabina Academy, the coaches who received awards were: Harlan Hamilton, the Maroon Team, Kevin Smith, the Navy Team, Larry Stokes, the Green Team, John Berry, Orange team, Harold Green, RoyalTeam, Fitzgerald Craan, the black team, Gary London, the Red Team and PierreAdams, the coach of the Yellow Team.

Organization leaders are: Brandon, Pat, Curtis and Charles who are the official peacekeepers of the Auburn Gresham community thanks to the efforts of Father Pfleger who on September 15, 2012, struck a peace accord with four rival gangs. Peacecontinues in this community because of the peacekeepers who work with Saint Sabina.

Father Pfleger also held an essay contest where the players were asked to write their feelings on how the peace league affected their lives. Duan Hill won the firstprize of $150.00. “The Peace League and it got me a job. It keeps me off thestreet,” said Hill clutching his envelope containing the money. Terrence Webbwon the second prize of $100 and Leroy Davis won third prize of $75.00.

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host. You can e-mail Strausberg at: Chintabernie@aol.com.

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