Fall is coming: Education Season Kicks Off – Why not take a Class

Soap Box Rants

A Weekly Column to CopyLine Magazine


By Pamela Bratcher-McMillan
President, Chair & CEO, of PETAL et al.

Have you enrolled in school yet? You don’t have to be a college major to be college bound. There have been many who have enriched their lives with a couple of courses that eventually led to certification, an Associate of Arts degree, and perhaps a Bachelor’s degree or more. If you are just passing time away or find your days not so fulfilled, how about a college course to learn a new skill, pursue a new career or meet people with like interests? There are people with Bachelors, Masters and PhDs that turn up at Junior colleges to take courses, explore new careers or enhance their current skills.

Recently, I met a woman who raised eight children. While she was encouraging the older children to take college courses, she decided that she would take a cooking course just for fun. When one course ended, she would enroll for other courses. After completing all of the cooking courses, one of her instructors encouraged her to take the basic classes and acquire a degree. She kept adding on until she got an Associate degree. Then she decided to go further. Today, she has an ED. D. in Education and an undergraduate degree in the culinary arts. Currently, she is an administrator at a historically black college and owns a restaurant.

Who knows what you could become after taking a course on the whim; the journey could be fun and fruitful. City Colleges of Chicago has several locations and all types of affordable classes that could get you started and into something big. You may even meet your next business partner there. Life is a journey. We should fill it with as many productive and constructive memories as we can. It can be a legacy for generations that follow.

The bottom line is, let’s add substance to our free time!

Pamela Bratcher-McMillan is a technology Expert and President, Chair & CEO, of PETAL et al.