An Ode to Fathers: Happy Father’s Day! To Fathers Everywhere

An Ode to Fathers

By Juanita Bratcher

Copyright® 2013

We know him as daddy

At times we fondly call him dad

We speak of him as a father

As being the best dad one can have

But no matter what we call him

Or the love we share each day

Father’s Day is a day that’s special

That’s when we show our love for dad in a special way

We honor him for fatherhood

His strong commitment to protect

We cling to him for guidance

His sacrifices and sound teachings we always respect

We build upon his advice and standards

We acknowledge them throughout our days

We look to him for strength, for keeping us safe

His generosity, his good deeds we praise

His understanding and generosity

His patience and tolerance, too

Are things that keep us close at hand

And we cherish them with great dedication, too

He is a father of many ideas

So we listen and we learn

We laugh with him

We discuss with him – his trust he has steadfastly earned

He’s a man that tries hard to please

To make us happy in the midst of being sad

Sometimes he teases us with humor

Bringing joy and love, things that make us glad

He takes solace in being our protectors

He comforts us when we weep

He takes the lead when emotions are overbearing

And watches over us when we sleep

So we celebrate dads

Men who willingly save our day when things go wrong

Dads who put smiles on our faces more often than none

Those memories of our dads will forever be lodged in our minds

Happy Father’s Day to men everywhere – we love you for always being there for the people you love and the people who love you, too.