State’s Attorney Alvarez honors crime victims and unsung heroes in the fight for justice

Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez recognized members of a drunk driving prevention organization and a Chicago crime victim who was permanently disfigured after having acid thrown in her face at a Victim Service Awards Ceremony held recently in Chicago.

Each year the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office commemorates National Crime Victims Rights Week by recognizing the efforts of those who work tirelessly on behalf of crime victims.  This year’s honorees have answered the call to lend their support and commitment to victims as they travel an often difficult journey seeking justice and healing, including their own.  Among the honorees:

  • Esperanza Medina received the Courage Award.  Medina was recognized for the strength she has demonstrated to others as she has triumphed to heal physically and emotionally from the scars of being attacked with sulfuric acid in July of 2008.  Medina, who sustained severe burns to a quarter of her body and has endured numerous skin graft operations to repair damage to her face, arms, back and chest, was attacked  by two women who were jealous of Medina’s personal relationship.  Medina is now a strong advocate for legislation banning the sale of caustic substances to retail consumers.
  • Several representatives from the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists (AAIM) were also honored for their dedication to ensure that victims of drunk driving crashes and their families have the support they need to reclaim their lives after devastating injury or loss.  Many of AAIM’s advocates and Board Members know firsthand the pain of injury and loss inflicted by the negligence of impaired driving. Through a variety of creative programs, AAIM heightens awareness and educates the public about the devastation caused by impaired driving, underage drinking and other dangerous driving decisions. 

The Victim Services Awards Ceremony was held on Tuesday, April 23rd at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge in Chicago.


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