Some believe that while living in this world they are the author and finisher of their fate, but the true landlord is coming for an inspection of His purchased property!

By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

President of Probation Challenge, Inc. and the PCC Broadcast Network


Whose earth, planet or orbit are we living on? Did we make ourselves? Are we here by happenstance? Are we here to rob, steal, kill and destroy one another?

Though some tend to believe that this earthly house belongs to them … this is not our world, but rather by the making of God, who has allowed us to enter into ‘His Gates’ and into ‘His Courts’ with thanksgiving and praise! God admonishes us to realize that He has made us and not we ourselves! We are not of our own, however, this sinful earthly-body was paid for with a price… a precious price which was paid in full for us on Mount Calvary!

We must be careful how we treat or mistreat this temple (body), for the landlord of this structure … who loves us and is faithful to forgive… is ever watching us.

God, the landlord, author and finisher of our fate, has given us rules and regulations, which is the written word of God, and are set-forth in the scriptures. And just as God has temporally given to us earthly goods – He is coming to take back that which was merely placed on loan to us! Did we put holes in His temple-walls (body), abuse the interior and exterior housing? Our bodies are the temples of God. The question becomes, are we defiling His temple? Let us not forget that we can’t paint or decorate over the damage that has been done to the temple of God unless it is via repentance with the Landlord, who is faithful to forgive. We then wash and paint over our sins with the blood of Christ. The stains and damages are washed away – gone! Our sins upon forgiveness are then thrown into the sea of forgetfulness – never to rise against us in this world nor the next!

Youth and elders alike must understand that all the evils perpetrated on this planet earth, along with those inflicted needless upon others, will soon have to face accountability for their actions while in the landlord’s earthly-house.

An important biblical fact to remember is that this earthly house which is presently leaning will one day decay and prayerfully there will be another house eternal in the heaven not made with corruptions of any sort.

I suggest that those who subscribe to the use of guns for the purpose of destroying others to be on alert, for you must answer to the landlord for your seeking to destroy the property that doesn’t belong to you.

Remember, it is God who has made us, and it is God who gives eternal life.

Rev. Harold E. Bailey is the president of Probation Challenge, Inc. at: – The Truth Network.,

Weekly column to Copyline Magazine