47-year-old woman teaches how “to get your sexy back”

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — According to statistics, not only are black women least likely to get married, but also suffer the brunt of the obesity crisis in America, with 4 out of 5 having a body mass index above the level defined as obese. Dawn Ali, a 47 year old African American mother, teacher, coach, speaker, website personality, author, chef, internet marketer and website administrator decided to face this epidemic head on. Not only did she lose 70 pounds and improve her own appearance and health, but she also created “Get Your Sexy Back” Live Online Classes & Coaching at http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001ulLjTWqwn6Mpe-3nf1kT8Y4HZ-BbJiS 4bgfmw310nafaT0T4dw2Ibnzir6t4KIX9C35jYktLVLtydfU2u95r8JAjjGvobJndXcEUxdOgsk=, to help women of all ages, take control of their lives.

About Dawn Ali
One morning, Dawn woke up and noticed her ankles were swollen and were retaining fluid. For the next three years, she read everything she could get her hands on about health, nutrition, superfoods and weight loss. She watched perhaps more than 1,000 videos related to those subjects, took online courses, including raw food vegan, and vegan culinary. She went from having high blood pressure to normal blood pressure, from taking medication for asthma, arthritis, and sleep, to taking no medication at all (not even over the counter meds). After losing 70 pounds she feels she got her sexy back! Now, at almost 48 years old, she believes she looks and feels like she did when she was 21.

People around her took notice, and started asking her to cook and cater for them, to teach them, to coach and give them info on detoxing their bodies, help with losing weight, and the word about her started spreading like wild-fire. She even started having classes in her home. That is how the “Getting Your Sexy Back” Live Online Classes & Coaching sessions were born.

About Get Your Sexy Back
Although “Getting Your Sexy Back” Classes & Coaching can benefit anyone, male or female of any age. It was created specifically for women in their mid 30’s – mid 50’s. Women who have teenage and young adult children, who are perhaps single moms, divorced or in bad marriages. In many cases, these women have unknowingly neglected themselves, and not realized it until after the fact. They have been nurturing their children, husbands and careers, spending more time taking care of others more than themselves. Suddenly, they realized they not only didn’t like what they saw in the mirror, but lacked energy, started to have health issues, taking both over the counter and prescription medication to sleep, to wake up, to cope, to deal, for pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. These women are everywhere, and are shouting inside of themselves: “I WANT MY SEXY BACK!” “I WANT MY HEALTH BACK!” “I WANT MY LIFE BACK!” Dawn Ali was one of those women.

The “Get Your Sexy Back Live Online Class” includes every single thing she did, did not do, and ate during her journey… everything from A – Z! Dawn will take you by the hand and walk you through step by step, and prevent you from going through the school of weight loss hard knocks, or take you out of it, if you are presently there. Dawn will also coach you throughout your weight loss process.

Who Can Benefit From “Get Your Sexy Back Healthy Live Online Class”? Those Who:
* Want To Lose Weight * Want Improved Health * Want To Be Sexier * Want To Learn The Hidden Secrets Of Weight Loss (It’s NOT Simply Calories In VS Calories Out) * Want To Learn The Tips To Hasten Weight Loss * Want To Learn Tricks To Losing Weight Without Calorie Counting & Being Hungry * Want To Lose Weight Without Working Out For Hours Everyday * Want More Energy * Want Clearer Skin * Want Glowing Skin * Want Softer Skin * Want Increased Beauty * Want Better Hair & Nails * Want To Fight Fatigue * Want Delicious Healthier Meals Packed With Nutrition * Want To Lose Weight Without Being Hungry.

For further details as well as to see before and after pictures and videos, visit http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001ulLjTWqwn6Mpe-3nf1kT8Y4HZ-BbJiS-4bgfmw310nafaT0T4dw2Ibnzir6t4KIX9C35jYktLVLtydfU2u95r8JAjjGvobJndXcEUxdOgsk=