‘Truth and Solutions’ to crime and violence now airing on the PCC Internet Network

Chicago, IL.- The 4-part series of ‘Truth and Solutions’ is now airing on the Probation Challenge PCC Network at: WWW.ProbationChallenge.org – The Truth Network.

• Featured are individuals and organizations who brought forth workable solutions to crime and violence … and were with positive track-records! At the point of excelling, why is it that the then powers-that-be no longer wished to recognize these real ‘problems-solvers’ and their meaningful working solutions?

Filmed at this historic presentation were persons who have labored with ex-offenders and others who have perhaps fallen subject to crime, drugs and violence. This event was taped before a live audience.

This body of organizations and individuals have provided great contributions to the City of Chicago and the County of Cook, in rendering solutions to crime and violence. However, these peace-makers and builders of our great society … were cast-aside without a just reason!

Why? Learn the truth from those who represented the glue that kept the City of Chicago together for years. View: ‘Truth and Solutions’ at: WWW.ProbationChallenge.org. Please read the attached data which tells about those guest appearing on the series. Thank you much for your attention given this critical matter.

Truth and Solutions Guest include:

Howard Saffold, is the former chief security to the late Mayor Harold Washington and founder of Positive Anti-Crime Trust (PACT). The Howard Saffold history dates back to a Chicago police league that concerned themselves with protecting and serving the community with love, care and concern. Saffold and others became the selected mouth-piece for Mayor Washington in the community geared toward our youth and adults. The Mayor’s message sent to our youth was well received and respected.

Queen Mother Helen Sinclair, administrator of the ‘Ma Houston Prison Outpost/Rainbow PUSH,’ has history in constructive change with the Illinois jails and prisons. Sinclair’s acclaimed mother ‘Jessie ‘Ma’ Houston’, now deceased, spiritually changed the mind-set of inmates and those sitting in authority over the Illinois Department of Corrections. The dedicated daughter, Queen Mother Helen Sinclair, followed in her mother’s steps until her recent retirement as Senior Chaplain … Sinclair, now continues as a respected volunteer Chaplain.

Chinta Strausberg, former political reporter for the Chicago Defender Newspaper, is presently editor for the 3:16 Magazine. Strausberg has an extensive career in political-reporting and has followed the steps of the greatest of politicians. Her detailed stories included the late Mayor Harold Washington and his awesome city hall struggles. Strausberg is a prominent name around Chicago and throughout the state. She is highly respected by the journalist community. The ‘Strausberg Report’ airs on the PCC Network 24/7 and On-Demand.

Juanita Bratcher, former education and political reporter for the Chicago Defender Newspaper, however she is presently editor and publisher of her own CopyLine Magazine. CopyLine Magazine is an on-line daily news publication read around the world. Bratcher is an author of successful books written regarding Chicago Mayor Harold Washington, Cook County Board President John Stroger, and others. As a talented song-writer, her songs have been recorded by known artists. Bratcher’s successes have been documented in several Who’s Who publications.

Maureen ‘Moe’ Forte’, is president of the Chicago Chapter of the National Action Network (NAN). Forte’, a retired Chicago Public School Teacher and a street fighter for justice, is noted for her crossing into gang turf with boldness vying for peaceable measures. Forte’ has successfully engaged gang-members to register and vote in the 2013 elections. She serves as chairperson for the Probation Challenge Board of Directors. Forte’ works with the Rev. AL Sharpton and the National – National Action Network. Forte’ is also a Village Trustee with the Village of East Hazel Crest, Illinois.

Floyd Davis, assistant president of the Chicago Chapter of the National Action Network, has ventured into the Chicago dangerous streets with the gang elements – and now tells of his journey.

Geri Patterson, dedicated host of the ‘Report to The People’, Chicago Cable Television, speaks with an astute mother Michelle Camille Barton-Keeble, who taught her children from home. Geri Patterson is an ordained deacon at the New Faith Baptist Church-International, where she is an instructor with young people in their bible studies. Patterson speaks from a spiritual prospective.

Rev. Harold E. Bailey, since 1979, has served as president of the Probation Challenge Organization and the PCC Broadcast Network. Bailey developed the radio, television and Challenge Magazine, that now appears on the PCC Network 24/7 and On-Demand. Bailey an ordained minister of the gospel is: former 14-years Chicago/Cook County Adult Probation Officer assigned to the courtroom of the late Justice R. Eugene Pincham. Former 14-years as member and chairman of the Chicago/Cook County Board of Corrections. Bailey has served over 34-years as head of the Probation Challenge Organization. You may find Bailey listed among ‘The History Makers.’

Apostle William McCoy, D. D., PHD., is pastor of the ‘Am I My Brother’s Keeper Outreach’ Church in Chicago Heights. Pastor McCoy offers a spiritual prospective regarding ‘Same Sex Marriage’ and other acute matters plaguing the United States socially. Apostle McCoy gives an awesome testimony concerning himself that youth should hear. He is interviewed by host, Chinta Strausberg.

Rev. John Wesley Moore, minister and community activist, prays the prayer of faith for youth and for matters causing their fall from grace.

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