We Are Climbers, All: Uplifting Poetry Book by Tom Blaisse Offers Insights for Learning, Loving and Living Well

Professional Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer Blaisse also shares these illuminating insights in an exciting new customizable keynote event for all types of business organizations and community groups
Harrisburg, PA– For Tom Blaisse, life’s challenges make perfect sense if we think of Life as our mountain to climb. As Blaisse has scaled his proverbial mountain, he wrote poems to express his insights about how to make the climb less stressful and more enjoyable.
Blaisse’s new book,We Are Climbers, All, offers 30 of those poems, to inspire and motivate all to learn and grow from Life’s triumphs, setbacks, and uncertainties.
Using traditional and “user-friendly” rhyme and rhythm patterns, Tom Blaisse’s poem share practical, life-enhancing insights gained over the past 25+ years as a Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer, and Executive Consultant. The second-half of the book contains his literary critique and a personal comment for each poem.
These poems address many universal Life Themes: the challenge of change; how we can learn from all relationships; what motivates us to learn; and how we can benefit by remembering that, as the title poem asserts, “the goal alone injects the needed strength to leap on top and dance in air.”
Blaisse has combined his professional expertise with his many other talents as a Poet, Author, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Actor, Director, and Playwright, to focus on his personal Mission: Turning on lights so people can shine. During his career, he has addressed and trained more than 100,000 people of all ages, from all walks of life. Through his poetry and his new keynote event based on themes in the book, Blaisse hopes to inspire and uplift an ever-wider audience.
According to Blaisse, “Life is exhilarating, confusing, frustrating, and rewarding. It is a journey of countless forward and backward steps. In these poems and in everything I do, I try to turn on lights so people can discover and use easier and more enjoyable ways to learn, love, and live.”
Initial reviews by poets and professional speakers/trainers confirm the life-affirming value of Blaisse’s poems. One reviewer, Rory Aplanalp, Transformational Speaker and Co-Author of The Five-Minute Rule, wrote: “Tom…has put his talent and ‘light’ on a hill, to inspire and bless the life of all who read his book. We need more people like Tom on this planet.”
Blaisse also shares the book’s insights and wisdom with corporate and social organizations in a lively new keynote event that includes speaking, storytelling, and reading selected poems from the book. Event Planners and Speaker Bureaus are invited to contact Blaisse about scheduling this unique ‘edutainment’ event for their audiences. Attendees receive a complimentary signed copy of the book.
We Are Climbers, All is now available in paperback, and will also soon be available for Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and other e-readers. For more information including contents, artwork, several sample poems and their commentaries, and how to purchase the book, visit: www.TomBlaisse.com/waca.html.
About the Author:
Tom Blaisse is President of TFB Consulting (TomBlaisse.com), a Human Resources Training & Development company based in Harrisburg, PA. His experience includes 11 years as a Senior Consultant with FranklinCovey Co. (formerly Franklin Quest), and over 10 years as a certified Executive Facilitator for several regional and national Management Consulting firms. Tom holds a B.A. in Theatre & Speech from DeSales University, and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Rider University. In addition to authoring We Are Climbers, All, Blaisse has co-authored five musical plays for children, and has also written the music and lyrics for more than a dozen contemporary Christian songs, under the title Manifest the Glory of God.
Tom Blaisse is available immediately for media interviews and speaking engagements.
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Ms. Biz Burnett, Marketing Director
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