Mitt Romney should have had the gift of silence!



By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

President/Founder of Probation Challenge/PCC Internet Broadcast Network


It would have been wise if Mitt Romney had the ‘gift’ of silence! However, his statement regarding ‘Gifts’ to Blacks, Hispanics, and young voters has caused many to reflect and travel down the corridors of Black History as to the actual construction of these United States of America.

While vying for the highest office in the United States, one would think that a presidential candidate would do his homework before offending a large majority of its citizens. Mr. Romney didn’t do his homework or worst yet, he was ill-advised by those who surrounded him. I wouldn’t care to believe that Romney is ignorant, void of social graces, or that he has been isolated from the rest of the world… but, now it is commonly known that some persons are acutely void of understanding in that Republican camp!

After the 2012 election, many of those embittered helping hands to Romney have now left the sinking-ship, but they will not be forgotten by the voters for their not so settled racial overtones and blatant hatred.

I honestly don’t believe that Romney is aware of African-Americans’ history. He should have known – without question – that from the moment Blacks were criminally stolen from the shores of Africa they became slaves! And, down-through the many years African-Americans in the eyes of some have been treated as second-class citizens! And even in this century… wage-wise, many are yet deemed as 21st century slaves. Blacks continue in some positions to work harder than their co-workers – having to prove their worth to get that promotion or to just stay on equal footing. Hispanics, likewise, had to struggle very hard, as did women just to get food on the table, pay the rent, or just to make ends-meet. Could Mr. Romney identify with these struggles? Maybe not because his insensitive remarks were humiliating and demeaning!

It is amazing how some people have come to these United States shores from elsewhere, making good on their foreparents promise that immigrants could with assistance escalate into heights of prosperity. A large number of some others without the clout of family, being of a different complexion, no friends and associates, were and are deprived of freedom! Black defenseless persons were called demeaning names then as  now, but now those in charge speak with many codes. Many of these codes were demonstrated in the Romney campaign.

We must never forget that African-Americans were taken away from their homeland, raped, and deprived of being reared in their great homeland of Africa. Being no less human, but in fact born of Kings and Queens, we hasten to add that they also brought to this country their brilliant minds!  Africans did not seek to come to America, for they were busy builders of a great country, where even today European scientist are not able to comprehend how it was ever done.

I hasten to point-out that slaves, in addition to maintaining the master’s fields, were later subjected to demeaning positions of physically building these United States of America by hands! Anything worth mentioning in terms of inventions was created at the hands of these great Black minds, while everyone – Black and White now enjoyed those benefits. Now, with the computer age… the hands and brilliant minds of slaves are no longer required. Question for some politicians: What do we do with this body of people…they are no longer needed!

Now, Mitt Romney says that President Obama won re-election because of the “gifts” he had provided to Blacks, Hispanics and to young voters. However, I want to remind Mr. Romney and others who are like minded, that whatever Blacks have recently received in terms of ‘gifts’ is far in the rear as to what is owned for work honestly earned! This should not be considered as a gift but the honest American way of taking care of its own – Americans!

Blacks have suffered at the hands of the United States health system far too long! In many cases suffering was because of some folk not having adequate insurance or money! Some people died in emergency rooms, while others reached for a gold card. Is this fair in America?

Did Blacks pay an awesome price to cast a vote in the 2012 election? Yes, but even today, many present educational institutions yet refuse to teach our children that Blacks were denied historically a vote and an equal educational opportunity.  

President Obama is seeking to bring about justice and parity to aid and assist not some – but all citizens of this country. Forgive me if I don’t understand why this is considered wrong! What is wrong with the President’s position to have millionaires and billionaires pay their tax responsibility… as did the slaves who contributed without compensation? What then is the real deal? Could it by chance be that some politicians wish to recreate the old game of racism, where the rich becomes richer – and the slaves become poorer?

As Blacks paved the streets of these United States, fought to vote, fought and died in the Army, they also paved the way for people like Mitt Romney to run around the country and tell misgivings about the sitting president… which has never been done in the world of fair politics.

The lost of Mitt Romney’s efforts to become chief of this nation, are contributed to the lack of his true educational understanding as to United States History. And also Black/Hispanics/Women’s History!

There was little if any respect for women – and perhaps much less for Black women. Though much of the campaign’s racial biasness was given quietly … the majority of persons heard his disrespectful attitude and marched with a passion to the polls to blatantly talk back. In years past we dared not to talk back!

Of course there is enough blame to go around, but try placing it where much belongs – with Mr. Romney! The 2012 Presidential Election was won by the votes of honest hard working citizens.  I dare to say that a large majority of those standing in long lines to vote were God fearing believers in these United States principles that say “Justice for all.”

In our behavior, what are we transferring on to our youth who are already confused racially, as was Mr. Romney’s  son who spoke of “punching the president” …  Are we saying that when it come to right and wrong, there are exceptions to the rules -  especially when it comes to racial decency? I do remember when such a remark was considered a threat to the President and would serve as a federal challenge to the ears of the Secret Service!

Yes, speaking of Gift’s… God gave to the world the greatest Gift ever – His only begotten Son. And in doing so, that we would have life more abundantly; and not that which was described by the Mitt Romney Republican Camp, which includes the Vice-Presidential candidate.

I’ve not heard any spiritual mentioning from Mr. Romney, or if he believes in a higher power, but if so, I would encourage him to get in touch via prayer for forgiveness for the many deceptions he and his campaign rendered God little ones. The Bible tells us that we are going to reap what we have sown. And, this is also for others who are with political ambitions – watch how you treat not your people but all God’s people.

Rev. Harold E. Bailey, president/founder of the Probation Challenge/PCC Internet Broadcast Network – The Truth Network – 24/7 On-Demand