Election: God has spoken – But Is Pharaoh listening?

By Rev. Harold E. Bailey


What more would and should it take for humans to fall to their knees and know that even the winds and the waves obey the will of God – But is Pharaoh listening?

Throughout the United States people have been under the perils of bondage by Washington’s biased political foes. As the result of political captivity with unbearable pains, more than a few of God’s people along with their Sheppard’s sought the ear of God – and He (God) delivered them out of all their troubles. I hasten to point out that this election was not a mistake but was written before the foundation of the world.

This election was an answer to serious prayer with an active move of God among the people! People everywhere without an outward display of emotions as to what they were doing, put on their garments, stood in long lines for hours, were late for work, avoided meals and avoided those who gave them many excuses why they couldn’t vote!  These positive measures of endurances were done without violence! One can only say this was without any question the peace that Christ spoke of and would pass all understanding! No man or woman under any acts of disrespect could have withstood the hate and racial under-tones that were displayed in this ‘2012 Presidential Campaign’ had it not been governed by God!  Many persons after standing for such a great length of time asked of themselves – why am I doing this? Some are yet asking why they took acts of abuse from haters.  Answer: God defused the acts of disrespect geared toward each person and He stood-up in them.  In those many lines with the many people wrapped around buildings, there the love of God was demonstrated as was His power!

Election 2012 has brought about a totally different dispensation of racial disrespect! Much came to the forefront as declarations and demeaning accusations were spewed against President Obama, who with great courage stood, and yet stands as representative of a vast number of minorities. Yes, President Obama stands with convictions regarding the middle-class and those who are considered as deprived, out-casted and have long been forgotten! 

This political warfare that the president is engaged in is honorable. History has dictated that Moses, Dr. Martin Luther King, and other notables dared to take a stance against the powers-that-be for constructive change that would result in steps toward freedom.

I will take the liberties to say; Some politicians in this 2012 election took-on the roles of great historical Pharos’s, sending their great political armies and money to re-capture the hearts and souls of those in political bondage, however, the great and powerful political armies were drowned in the Red Sea-of – forgetfulness! There is nothing new under the sun, for what was – is today!

The true spiritual changes that God offers comes from within and shines outward even to those willing to accept the will of The Almighty God.  Surely, the purpose of God and His will has been revealed in this election, spoken through the wind and waves, and I strongly advise that people not defy the awesomeness of The Almighty!

Repentance is now necessary and available for those persons who sought the destruction of a body of people!  God has open arms to forgive – and yes even for those who now wish to turn from their old ways of doing things! Hopefully there is now a strong willingness to take on constructive measures to help a hurting body of people – even the 47%! We all mean much to God who has made us!  Please remember, for it was God who created us and not we ourselves! And we are going to give accountability for our stewardship here on this planet… Democrat or Republican!

Be mindful: Black or White, we are all precious in the sight of God, and it is not His desire that any of His people perish – but live with abundance.

Please remember that whoever contrives against the Creator’s will for His people’s freedom, takes on an historical detriment unto himself.


Rev. Harold E. Bailey is the President of The Probation Challenge/PCC Internet Broadcast Network 

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