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Tampa, FL ( — Kane’s Voice of Reason is a new blog that tackles political and social issues with a unique twist of humor and sarcasm but always keeping it real. With all the noise out there in the blogosphere, Kane’s Voice of Reason is bringing sanity to the conversation.

Some of the current topics include:

The Top 15 Ways We’re Better Off Today Than We Were Four Years Ago: The Republicans made a huge blunder by asking the question are we better off today than we were four years ago. Because everyone knows that we’re better off today than we were then. We’ve had 30 straight months of job growth, the stock market is up almost 7,000 points and interest rates are at record lows. Bin Laden is dead, GM and Chrysler are alive, and the war in Iraq is over. It can always be better but what a start.

30 Reasons Why Mitt Romney Should Not Be President: Mitt said it wasn’t worth moving heaven and earth and not worth the money to hunt down Bin Laden. I think those comments should disqualify Mitt from being President. It should be a deal breaker for every citizen of this country. If a democrat had said it, he couldn’t run to be the county dog catcher, much less President. Romney was also willing to let GM and Chrysler be liquidated along with millions of jobs. How could someone who wants to be President, be willing to allow something like that to happen to our country? Mitt also protested in favor of the Vietnam War and the draft. Then he ran off to the France so he could avoid getting drafted. That was a disgrace and makes him unfit to be our commander-in-chief and any veteran that votes for Romney is a disgrace to the uniform. What is the problem with the Romney men and their reluctance to fight for this country?

21 Reasons Why President Obama Should Be Reelected: The Republicans like to parrot the silly statement that the president doesn’t have a record to run on. But that’s completely false. Not only does the President have a record to run on he has a record he can win on. I like the way he stood up for the Gulf Coast residents during the BP oil spill. He put the pressure on BP and made them cough up a $20 billion clean-up fund (they were legally liable for a lot less). And what was the Republican response? Remember, they were on the floor of Congress apologizing to BP. They said the President was putting his boot on BP’s neck. So do you think the Republicans would have been as tough on BP? President Obama has also restored America’s respect and influence around the world. His “Obama Doctrine” for foreign policy is a policy of engagement and mutual respect which has allowed us to gain better cooperation and commitments from our international partners. Contrast that with George Bush; when he left office people were throwing shoes at him.

Everyone Pays Income Taxes… Even the 47%: When Romney said that 47% of Americans don’t pay any income tax he was simply pushing one of the right-wings favorite red-meat talking points. But it’s a flat out lie. Everyone that earns a paycheck on a company payroll pays federal income taxes. You can’t visit your human resources department and negotiate your way out of paying federal income taxes. It’s true however, that the tax code is structured so that the 47% will get most of their income taxes back when they file their tax returns, but you can’t say they never paid. So Mitt is really against the 47% getting huge tax refunds checks. So if you vote for Mitt you can forget about that tax refund check because it will be a lot smaller or it may disappear completely.

The Economy is Actually Doing Quite Well: The economy is not as bad as the republicans are making it out to be. You can actually make a case that the economy is doing quite well. The Republicans have a vested interest in selling doom and gloom because they’re trying to win an election. The Democrats are afraid to say the economy is doing fine because they don’t want to seem out of touch with the misery of the people that are really suffering. But if you take a non-political look at the economy, it’s actually doing pretty good. When I go to the mall it’s still hard to find a parking spot and thousands of people are there spending money. When I go to buy groceries the shelves are stocked, the prices are low, and the check-out lines are long. When I look in the Sunday paper there are hundreds of jobs posted. Corporations are showing record profits quarter after quarter and they’re sitting on trillions of dollars in cash. The stock market is up almost 7,000 points, inflation is low and food is cheap. Interest rates are at record lows so you can get a car loan or a mortgage at a record low interest rate and the employment rate is at 93%. If that’s a bad economy … what’s good? How much better does it have to get before we call it good economy?

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