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‘Emmett Till could not vote, but you can’

By Chinta Strausberg


Saying life and pro-life is from birth to death, an angry Father Michael L. Pfleger Sunday blasted fringe, right wing conservative groups for reportedly telling Catholic voters if they support candidates who embrace abortions they are in ‘moral danger’ and their souls “in jeopardy.”

The groups, including the Knights of Columbus, some pastors, Catholic bishops in Green Bay, Wis., who allegedly sent out letters and made robo calls to votes telling them “If you support a person or a party that supports abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research or homosexual marriage, it is an evil act and puts one in grave moral danger.”

Reading from one of the letters addressed to voters, Pfleger said the groups claimed  “voting for any candidate or party that supports such things could put your own soul in jeopardy.” (http://www.rhrealitycheck.org/article/2012/11/01/more-catholic-voting-pressure-politicians-rejecting-jesus-they-believe-in-choice)

Pfleger took issue to that “propaganda” and made it clear he was not endorsing any candidate but only wanted “the truth out here and to stop the lies.”

“Salvation is freely given by God and cannot be taken back by man, woman, bishop, church, elder. Nobody can take your salvation because didn’t nobody give you salvation but God. That’s a lie,” bellowed Pfleger. “Your soul is not in jeopardy.”

“Pope John Paul II quotes Pope Paul VI and said intrinsically evil acts cover a broad area of actions including homicide and violence, what ever violates the integrity of a human person, torture, whatever offends human dignity, arbitrary imprisonment, deportation, slavery, degrading work conditions and poverty. They are all intrinsically evil,” said Pfleger.

“Don’t you be hoodwinked into thinking there is one little narrow pigeon-hole group that is intrinsically evil. That is what Pope Paul VI said it’s a much bigger picture. That is what Cardinal Bernardin said.”

“You cannot be pro-life and not be pro-accessible, excellent education. You can’t be pro-life and not be anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-generational, anti-militarism. You cannot be pro-life and not be pro-health care for every single human being in this country. You cannot be pro-life and not be anti-poverty in this country. You cannot be pro-life and not be against strong gun control in this country that takes guns that are killing our children. You can’t be pro-life and let our children be shot in the street and not do a damn thing about it. That is not pro-life,” he bellowed.

“I am pro-life,” said Pfleger explaining, “pro-life cannot be a term that begins at conception and ends at birth. It must be inclusive from the womb to the tomb. That’s pro-life. That’s the bible I read.

“There is nobody in this church that fits into the box of perfection…. Vote and vote according to who stands on the moral principles of your faith on the entire spectrum. Do not be deceived to think this is a one-issue election. This is not a one-issue election. Vote according to your faith that teaches you in this bible from Genesis to Revelation that life and pro-life is from birth to death. Do not be bamboozled.

“What ever you do and whom ever you vote for understand…that your soul is saved,” Pfleger told the church.

Explaining, Pfleger, who last week was returning from vacation and was stuck at an L.A. airport, listened to a woman who told him “depending upon her voting, she could lose her salvation.”

It made Pfleger angry that “anyone would have to even wrestle with that kind of question. It’s just not right.”

He urged everyone to vote and to encourage their families, neighbors and friends to cast their vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. “This is not just some nice thing to do. It is your obligation. It is your civic duty. It is your responsibility. If you are a Christian, you are called to make a decision in the future of our country. You must vote….”

Holding up the November 4, 2012 Saint Sabina bulletin that contained a cover picture of Emmett Louis Till who at the age of 14 was murdered in Money, MS for whistling at a white woman, it said,  “VOTE. I could not vote, but you can. There is power in voting,”  Pfleger asked people to vote “in memory of Emmett Till and in memory of all those who could not vote….”

And for those who are complaining about the Early Voting long lines, Pfleger had a message for them: “Some ancestors waited for years. Some folks waited decades to vote. You can wait a couple of hours, but you need to vote.”

According to an R H Realty Check article some Catholic bishops are telling their congregations “politicians who believe in reproductive rights, including the birth control mandate are rejecting Jesus.”

Pfleger is offering rides to anyone who needs transportation to the polls and asked them to call the Church Office at: 773.483.4300.

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host. You can e-mail Strausberg at: Chintabernie@aol.com.

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