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Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — Cecil Faust, a Harvard Business School septuagenarian, has published three volumes of his new book, Diary of an Obama Disciple. After receiving a Harvard MBA and working in the information technology industry for over forty five years at such places as the California Institute of Technology’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Wall Street, and corporate America, he became immersed in politics with the election of the first Black President of the United States, Barack Obama.

The Diary traces the journey of Mr. Faust as he studied and analyzed the day to day battles of the President against an oppositional foe who wanted him to fail. It starts on September 17, 2008, following the campaign, then the inauguration and the day to day governing through health care reform. What was catalogued in the three volumes was a brilliant young strategic thinker that had exceptionally acute political antennae.

Faust comments, “Our President is a policy wonk who wants to understand the long term implications of his actions and how those actions circumscribe a coherent, cohesive overall strategy. I next watched our brilliant strategist dive into the political quagmire left by the previous Republican administration: all government systems were failing, a global economy on the verge of collapse, banking institutions falling like dominoes, a budget deficit of almost $1 trillion; a deficit that was created from a surplus that was left by the previous Democratic administration, a global warming catastrophe, two wars, several worldwide skirmishes, and a constitution that showed signs of tattering. What did he do, given these ‘opportunities for excellence’?”

He continues, “What were some of his accomplishments? A stimulus plan, a budget blueprint emphasizing a long term viability strategy for the country based on solid long term goals of health care, education and energy, visits to the G-20 Summit, our European partners, the Americas, the thirty four countries to our South, specific signals to Cuba and Iran, an attempt to engage with North Korea, open arms to China and Russia, social initiatives like SCHIP allowing our young deprived socio-economic citizens to get quality health care, national health care reform, and Wall Street reform; he has burnished our tarnished international reputation. He has valiantly fought and dismembered a dangerous terror network, killing its chief, Osama bin Laden. We are out of Iraq and getting out of Afghanistan… and the list goes on.”

Volume II and Volume III capture the political slide of the U.S. government into total gridlock, a rigor mortis that was brought about by three oppositional political actors and ends with the respective parties’ conventions.

According to Faust, “The main message of the Diary is that we have become too polarized in the public square; it is beyond time for mod-eration. We have had too many heated debates with no hope of meeting in the middle. The main issue, however, is not just the boorish discourse, but the foundation upon which our democracy was built. Can it stand the constant chipping away that is happening due to the twisted views of a group of extremists? We have to come back and meet in the middle to repair the damage that has been done, to give the foundation more time to mend the brutal attacks that have taken place since a small band of extremists took over the public square.”

“We are not an island and can not pretend to be so. What happens outside of these United States can and will have dramatic impacts on what happens within. I hope that on November 7th that we re-group as Americans and quit this petty bickering that has taken over our politics. We have the intellectual capital, the people power and currently access to capital whereby we can make the investments that will propel us into a bright future. The path that we are on at this moment will only lead us off a political and socio-economic cliff,” Faust says.

All three volumes of his book, Diary of an Obama Disciple, are available on Amazon.com.

Photo Caption: Bookcovers for Diary of an Obama Disciple Volumes 1-3


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