Real estate expert creates a new model for successful and sustainable homeownership

J. Varnie Barker Responds to the Housing Crisis and the Presidential Debates in His New Book Entitled, “New Rules Of Homeownership For The 21st Century”.

Nashville, TN ( — Local real estate expert J. Varnie Barker recently expressed his views on the current status of real estate and the housing problems still facing America. Barker stated that the past vice presidential debate, just as the presidential debates before it, did not produce any solution for America’s real estate / housing problem, which leaves more questions for many Americans in this time of need.

Barker, who works as a real estate expert, has authored the new book, New Rules Of Homeownership For The 21st Century. In this compelling work, Barker has responded to the housing crisis with an aggressive new paradigm: The 21st Century Model for Successful and Sustainable Homeownership. In this work Barker emphasizes to the reader that, ‘The old way has not worked’, and that there is an impending danger of a massive and cataclysmic loss of homeownership, our wealth and our equity if we continue to own buy and manage our homes in the way it was done in the past. Barker stated that, “people need to see that there must be a new approach – a more sensible approach to home ownership that reduces the risk of loss for all parties involved, which include bankers, homeowners and even the government.”

Barker’s new model for homeownership is an eight-part methodical process that assesses, reduces and mitigates risk of homeownership loss. According to that model, it also helps one to ensure sound and responsible mortgage decisions by providing a unique and custom-designed strategy for successful and sustainable homeownership. Barker shows how to increase and sustain the net worth of homeowners and also how to eliminate all predatory potential. All homeowners, homebuyers, and those affected by foreclosure now have a blue print, a roadmap, and even a new vantage point to secure and maintain the American dream we all deserve.

When question were relayed to Barker about what is happening and how the current policies and debates are void on the housing market, Barker states, “I am overwhelmed with a feeling of nationalistic responsibility to ensure that we do not go back in the market place using the same old methods that led us to failure. I want to utilize my skills, knowledge, and experience to help the American homeowner overcome and win in this new real estate market environment.”

New Rules of Homeownership for the 21st Century brings that hope, courage, and solutions to all homeowners, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Homeowners can now truly employ a real strategy to keep, save, and protect their homes and turn their homes into a true wealth-creating asset.

Barker was inspired to write a moving nationalistic and inspirational poem titled, Carve Again, which can be read online at This poetic work is a poignant reminder to everyone that the drive of the American dream and spirit lives on, and cannot be snuffed out. Barker shows that the American Dream is still possible and will become even more vibrant as the old way is thrown out and all homeowners implement the new model for successful and sustainable homeownership.

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Photo Caption: Bookcover and author, J. Varnie Barker