Ed Gardner calls for 10,000 to join him Sunday at 95th & Western construction site

By Chinta Strausberg


Saying he will continue to fight for a fair share of jobs and opportunities, retired businessman and multi-millionaire Ed Gardner Tuesday called for 10,000 people to join him after their 3 p.m. church this Sunday, September 30, 2012, at 95th and Western to demand their equal slice of Chicago’s contractual pie.

Gardner, who made his comments on WVON’s Perri Small show on his way to 92nd and Western where he’s continue his protest to shut down the site until blacks are hired, said, “We are more concerned with blacks killing blacks that must stop. This is primarily the cause of it right here,” he said referring to the apparent lock out of blacks form public works jobs in Chicago. “Jobs are the primary reason why we’re out here.”

Gardner said he has help from former Chicago School Supt.  Manford Bryd and author/publisher and historian Lerone Bennett will join him in protesting the lack of jobs for blacks.

“I am asking our family to bring 10,000 blacks here from the churches at 95th and Western until we put a stop to that,” said Gardner. “There is no reason at all why we should help our young men destroying one another” and jobs available in the middle of the black community “and the mayor is doing nothing about it.

“Mayor, you are a disgrace right now,” said Gardner. “He had the opportunity to help. He didn’t return calls and now we have to stop the site here in the city of Chicago in pouring cement in the middle of the black community. As far as I am concerned, he is not representing all of Chicago and he should represent all of the city,” said Gardner.

Having served in World War II, the 87-year-old Gardner said, “I served in New Guinea, the Philippines and Japan as an American soldier. Nobody asked me did I live East or West of Western. I served as a soldier defending our country, defending America and stopping the movements to destroy American. I come back to Chicago and be treated like this? I am not going to stand for it…. We will have 10,000 people strong… This is America. I fought for America, not for parts of America,” Gardner said.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he will make sure subcontractors are following the law to which Gardner said what is more important is to have blacks on these construction sites.