Republican election judges wanted

(Letters to the Editor)


In conjunction with the efforts from the Cook County Republican Election Integrity Committee, Cook County GOP Chairman Aaron Del Mar, and Chicago GOP Chairman Adam Robinson, announce extended deadlines on filling crucial Republican Election Judge positions in Chicago and Suburban Cook County. The newly formed Election Judge Recruitment Program has been instrumental in recruiting Republicans for election judges for November’s election!   This extra week is critical as we still have about 500 openings!

Thursday is our new deadline!!!!!

We have openings in Cook County (only)  for Equipment Managers which requires 3 training sessions, but then pays $300 a day… forever! 

We also need election judges throughout Chicago and Cook County.  These positions pay $170 for the day and require one training class. 

Election Judges can also serve in additional positions (not on Election Day) such as nursing home judges or absentee voting judges.

Election judges can request to be assigned close to home, or agree to travel as needed.  To serve as a Republican Election Judge in Cook County or Chicago, you must be a Republican, and a registered voter in Cook County.

All Republican election judges will receive additional training on security in the polling place.  In October, this training can be viewed on-line or in CD format.

Applicants should go to www.ElectionJudges.US for specific application information, or call 312-242-1818 for assistance.  PLEASE DO NOT DELAY!

Balanced staffing of election judges is key to election security!  In Chicago and Cook County, we have a severe shortage of Republican election judges!