New Web Series seeks to revolutionize African-American horror presence

Atlanta, GA ( – Do the roll call on movie titles for the past eight decades and one genre will be notably limited among African-American films – horror. Atlanta-based Prime Factor Films, Inc. seeks to revolutionize African-American horror presence with its recently launched Web series, The Ancient Book of Krawlz.

Since the dawn of motion picture, African-American presence in mainstream and independent horror has been sequestered to a very few noteworthy titles and appearances, but more commonly to a niche expressed in the following sentiment: “While the marginalization of black actors in other genres translates into underdeveloped characters and storylines, in horror, it translates into something more concrete: death. Usually the painful kind.”1

The number of African-American blockbuster horror titles reported on web sites like, provides proof of this industry void. This list in particular consists of less than twenty titles spanning the last 80 years and includes works as vintage as Son of Ingagi (1940) and as recent as Vampire in Brooklyn (1995).2

“Major studios make African-American horror films about three times each decade,” says Kewin Muhammad, Executive Producer of The Ancient Book of Krawlz.

“We want to keep African-American horror on the map. Once you produce a feature film, people forget about it as time goes on. But a series gives people something that they can keep coming back to.”

The independent production company seems to have covered every possible angle in its quest to raise the profile of African-American horror. First, “The Krawlz” as it is known for short, boasts webisodes that last a minimum of ten minutes, far exceeding running times of many indie Web-based series. Second, music is very skillfully integrated, a rare find in most independent web series of any genre. (One webisode includes a full-length video from a rising R&B artist.) Finally, since the screen credits don a mostly African-American cast of emerging talent, if one character gets killed offed, many other African-Americans remain to keep the very unique storyline going.

“We want to entertain the hell out of people,” says Muhammad.

And from the looks of things, they are off to a good start.

About The Ancient Book of Krawlz
Details about The Ancient Book of Krawlz and links to free webisodes can be found through the “Movies and Shows” link on Cinemode TV (

Photo Caption: Marc Henry Lazarre as Billy Bartholomew Boyd in the horror web series “The Ancient Book of Krawlz”.

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