Colorado women have Obama’s Back

Denver, CO ( — What happens when you bring together four women owners of small businesses, rooms full of Americans whose lives have been changed by President Obama, a catchy little tune, and a lot of creativity? An inspiring, grassroots video, ready to go viral and share a message of hope for women around the nation.

The “Women For Obama – I Gotcha Back, Obama” video, released this week, is a true example of the modern, entrepreneurial, creative spirit of women and a tribute to President Barack Obama’s dedication to women and women’s rights.

Filmed at the home of Colorado State Representative Beth McCann, attendees at the “Women For Obama” event discussed ways to increase voter participation and support President Obama in his re-election this fall; and how women can work locally to increase women’s voices in the Presidential Election in November.

Included in the activities was the filming of a video with the women in attendance expressing their support of President Obama with gestures of “I Gotcha Back” and sharing why they are voting for him in the upcoming election.

In addition to Rep. McCann, Obama Campaign National Co-Chair Eva Longoria, Operation Vote Director Jamiko Rose and women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke, the video includes footage from President Obama’s and First Lady Michelle’s recent visits to Colorado when they talked about his accomplishments on issues such as healthcare, women’s rights, equal pay for equal work, education and the future of children, and the progress of women.

Realizing that Colorado is a battleground state and that this election is going to be very important, video producer and director Rosalind Harris sought the assistance of other women to create the video to bring awareness of how important the Colorado women’s vote will be in this election. In a grassroots effort, three female small business owners of Buffalo Trails Multimedia Communications, CAM Productions and Anonamiss Productions donated their time and talents to produce the “Women For Obama – I Gotcha Back” video. The ” Gotcha Back” song was composed and created by recording artist Julius.

With the upcoming Democratic National Convention and the Election fast approaching, organizers hope that the video will demonstrate the accomplishments of President Obama and encourage women from all backgrounds and parts of the United States to take action and mobilize their families, friends and associates to do the same.

The “Women For Obama – I Gotcha Back” video can be seen on YouTube at

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About the Video Production Team:
Rosalind J. Harris, owner of Bizzy Bee Enterprise, is also the publisher of the Denver Urban Spectrum, Denver’s premiere community newspaper, now in its 25th year of spreading the news about people of color ( Assistant Director, Tanya Ishikawa, is a Federal Heights City councilwoman and owner of Buffalo Trails Multimedia Communications ( Writer and editor, Hailima Yates, is the owner of Anonamiss Productions, LLC ( Recording artist Julius Williams was the Las Vegas entertainer of the Year in 2006 and 2007 (

Photo Caption: 1. Filmmakers working with attendees. 2. Thumbs up from an Obama supporter. 3. Women showing Obama support. 4. Rep. Beth McCann giving remarks. [Click To Enlarge]