Black inventor creates unique headrest pillow with bluetooth technology for IPOD/IPAD wireless connection

The Smart Pillo(TM) has built-in HD speakers and allows users to easily lay down and wirelessly listen to music, audio books, movies, video games, and even talk on the phone

Charlotte, NC ( — Shelton McCoy, a former protection agent, has just added innovator to an already impressive resume. McCoy’s resume includes being a platinum recording artist in his teen years (with his group Divine Sounds “What People Do For Money”), and also producer for major recording artist. After closing the door to that chapter of his journey Shelton McCoy took a leap of faith and moved from Brooklyn, NY to Los Angeles, CA, landed a job with American Idol for 3 years and was appointed head of security for Carrie Underwood for 2 years.

Encouraged by many Hollywood friends to follow his passion of creating innovative technology, McCoy said goodbye to an amazing carnival ride with C U and says hello to Charlotte, NC, his final destination after spending a year at NDSU Incubator Technology Park, in Fargo, ND, where he honed and developed his technological inventions. (

Today, he introduces The S1Pillo, a patent pending, state-of-the-art pillow, which offers the ultimate in audio and hands-free phone experiences. An idea that was sparked after McCoy saw a news report on CNN’s ‘Anderson Cooper 360,’ which featured Dr. Sanjay Gupta about radiation from cell phones and the possibility of it causing Cancer (according to the World Health Organization).

“I thought about all the late-night calls to my friends and family where I had my phone pressed against my ear for about 3-to-4 hours every night. I also noticed that my 16-year-old daughter would lay her head on her pillow multitasking, using her head wrap to hold the phone in place to her ear so she could talk hands-free while working on her laptop. So, being a protector by nature, I saw the need, and began to envision the solution for the problem. All of this while thinking of what ‘pill’ would Dr. Sanjay Gupta would prescribe for this seemingly brain-frying nightmare… And the remedy would not come in the form of something to swallow, but in the form of a S1Pillo,” stated the SmartPillo Company, LLC’s CEO, Shelton McCoy. A company that lives by the motto; “We make simple things smart.”

Guaranteed to be a life-changer, some of the features of this ‘Godsend’ technological designer pillow include:

* Embedded latest Bluetooth Technology that connects you wirelessly directly to your iPod, iPad, iPhone and Android cell phones

* Headrest-like feature perfect for relaxing, gaming, sound meditation, audio reading and listening to movies in surround sound

* Support for the hearing impaired through “club effect” – a switch that activates heavy sound vibrations throughout the pillow

* Unbelievable sounding HD audio speakers

* Blue illuminated LED touch button, indicating active standby mode for answering incoming calls

* Control center feature: headphone/Aux jack, master volume control, USB and power button

About the S1Pillo innovative design:
The S1Pillo is made of high quality synthetic materials that look as good as leather or better. It has soft quilted side panels on top and smooth underneath with leather piping stitched around the pillow. The inner core has eco-friendly soft micro beads, which allows for flexibility to move and reshape quickly for customized support. It’s a unique design, which allows for better sound circulation, vibration and comfort at the same time, The S1Pillo is made with 100% flame retardant inner materials… Launching the S1Pillo Shelton McCoy has managed to build a small team of “smart” and “creative” people, to ensure the success of the S1Pillo.

The SmartPillo Company, LLC is currently seeking crowd funding through – a site that allows individuals to contribute in the vision of the company as well as having the opportunity to be the first with this innovative technology before it hits the market. This funding will help with USA manufacturing and ensuring the success of a nationwide product launch in late 2012 or early 2013.

For more information about the S1Pillo, visit

Photo Caption: Shelton McCoy, inventor of The S1Pillo