From Me to You: Florida Poet urges teens and adults to journal life’s journey

 Celebrating the launch of her acclaimed new poetry book, Paula Orezi is today urging others to recognize the importance of journaling their way through life.


 Palm Beach County, Florida –  Having found the documentation of her own life a deeply enriching experience, author Paula Orezi is today urging others to consider journaling their way through life’s journey.

The call comes following the launch of Orezi’s new book of intimate poetry, From Me to You: Poetry from Scratch. As Orezi explains, the book will hopefully serve as an enlightening inspiration to others.

“I love to write what I am thinking, especially when they are words to be told to someone else. It is a reflection of who I am and what I have seen throughout my life time so far. I wrote this to give those silent voices words that could be expressed to whom they need to say them to,” she explains.

Continuing, “This is why I chose the title “From Me to You” because it can be a personal poem in there that you can send to someone or it can be a poem that you can relate to. I have been a firm believer that journaling is important because it documents your life in a way that no one could. When you look back, you can see how much you have changed and what you learned over the years.”

This book is poised to be heart-warming, deeply personal and, at times, an emotional affair.

Official book blurb:

“This poetry book is for those who seek to be understood in the various experiences in life. Filled with passion, love, motivation, and poems that will enrich the soul and inspire it to write out loud, From Me to You will breathe life into the silent individual. Join me on a journey through my poetry journal, and take time to journal your thoughts as life-changing revelations are revealed through the mind-penetrating words of this book.

You are the original author of your life story, and journaling your story can be invaluable. Those words you write hold key evidence of personal growth. And it is important to be heard, even if it is only on paper. For all who desire to be heard, let your mind be open to each message of hope. Beware . . . a connection between our hearts may occur as we share an adventure in each poem!”

Orezi hopes that her work will inspire others to consider documenting their life in a unique and exclusive way.

“I want to start a movement to encourage young teens or adults to journal life’s journey. The focus is dealing with life through writing. Journaling is like a medicine to me because I know that if I do not have anyone that will listen; I can always write my heart out on paper. As a Christian woman, my goal is to help encourage others to take leap of faith in God and follow what He has planned for life’s journey,” Orezi adds.

 With such a positive initial response, Orezi has recently announced her intention to release a second book, citing the expanding opportunities that the literary world is affording her as her main driving force. Along with the use of two of her own paintings within her debut book, this other important facet of Orezi’s expression is allowing her to connect with readers on a deeply personal level.

From Me to You, from WinePress Publishing, is available directly from the publisher or via, and Barnes &

ISBN-13: 9781414122342

About the Author:

Paula Orezi graduated with her Masters in Leadership at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Paula is passionate about journaling and started writing in journals since early teen years. She writes about life’s various trials and celebrations in both her life and others. Each poem represents an adventurous experience and how God is with us through each one of them. Her motivation is to simply advise how important journaling truly is and hopes to make a difference in the lives of others.

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